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Last Chance U: Basketball is coming back with a new season and new talent that make up the ELAC Huskies. Coach John Mosley is leading a new team into a new college season at East Los Angeles College when season 2 premieres on December 13 on Netflix. Jon Sanders is one of the young athletes featured on the Huskies roster. He has a legacy on the basketball court, and he’s continuing it. Find out where Jon Sanders is now after filming Last Chance U: Basketball here.

Where Is Jon Sanders Now?

Jon Sanders II was born on June 28, 2001, and hails from Detroit. He is one of three children born to Tracey and Jonathan Sanders Sr.

The senior Sanders is a former Division 1 basketball player from St. Mary’s College. He once qualified for the NBA and played pro basketball in Europe and Asia.

Jon Sanders Sr. is the head trainer at a basketball training program and coaches high school basketball. He’s also an automotive marketing executive.

His son, Jon Sanders II, followed his footsteps to the court. He played at Southfield Christian High School, where his father is the coach.

He enrolled at East Los Angeles College and played under Coach John Mosley with the Huskies during his freshman season. The entire season will play out on Last Chance U: Basketball.

A month before the new season premieres on Netflix, Jon Sanders had some great news to share. He committed to Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina. He will play his next collegiate season under Coach Cliff Ellis.

He shared the news on his official social media in November 2022. His father also confirmed the news.

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Jon Sanders II will don teal next year. But for now, he is cheering on the Huskies and hyping Last Chance U: Basketball ahead of the December premiere.