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Just nine months after starting at WTXL, Elizabeth Copeland has established herself as ABC 27 Tallahassee viewer’s favorite meteorologist and their primary source for all things weather-related. She was recently missing from her regular newscasts, prompting many to wonder what happened to WTXL’s Elizabeth Copeland. And now, the weathercaster has given an important update that explains her absence. So read on to find out where Elizabeth Copeland is.

Elizabeth Copeland Suffers Shoulder Injury

Elizabeth Copeland was born in Columbus, Georgia. Not only does she have family in her home state, but she also has some in Florida and Alabama.

In 2013, Copeland received a BS in Communications from Georgia’s Kennesaw State University. Immediately after, she landed a job at CNN and stayed there for four years.

She then switched professions and went abroad for a year to live and work in Australia, where Copeland discovered her new passion for weather. After that, she earned a certificate in broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University.

Before joining WTXL ABC 27 in Tallahassee, Florida, the meteorologist worked with KRTV News in Great Falls, Montana, and KPAX News in Missoula. Copeland has reported on various natural disasters across the Rocky Mountains and Rocky Mountain Front, including floods and wildfires.

And when she joined the WTXL ABC 27 Sunrise team in August 2022, Big Bend and south Georgia residents welcomed her with open arms. And they’ve been relying on her for all the weather updates since.

Naturally, viewers got worried when the meteorologist was missing from the newscasts on ABC 27. So, what happened to WTXL’s Elizabeth Copeland?

Recently, she has given an update regarding her whereabouts. Copeland suffered a shoulder dislocation while playing golf on March 29, 2023.

She shared a post and said, “Turns out I’m not quite the golfer I thought⛳️. I’ll be out recovering from shoulder surgery for a few weeks.”

Elizabeth Copeland underwent surgery on April 1, 2023, and is recovering. She won’t be on the newscasts for three more weeks. Until then, WTXL’s chief meteorologist Casanova Nurse will provide the latest weather forecasts.

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ABC 27 News viewers have been sending well wishes to Copeland via her social media accounts since the news broke. And she’s expected to fully recover and return to the station soon.