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KTLA viewers have started their mornings with Wendy Burch for over a decade. But now Los Angeles residents are going to miss the veteran anchor. Wendy Burch announced she is leaving her on-air role at KTLA this month. Her longtime followers naturally have a lot of queries. They want to know why she is leaving or if she is retiring. Rumors are rife that the journalist has earned a lucrative promotion. Here’s what’s known about Wendy Burch leaving KTLA.

Wendy Burch Steps Back from KTLA On-Air Role

Utah native Wendy Burch graduated from Brigham Young University in 1990 and embarked on an illustrious broadcast career. The Emmy-winning anchor has worked in New York City, Dallas, Denver, and Phoenix. But she’s spent the majority of her three-decade-long career in L.A.

Burch joined KTLA in 2009 and soon became the staple of morning broadcasts. Her engaging persona quickly endeared her to the local community.

On February 13, Burch was reporting on Super Bowl LVI in which the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals. During the broadcast, Burch announced she is stepping back from her on-air position.

She ended the announcement with a symbolic mic-drop moment that social media users can’t get enough of. But they are still dejected that Burch is leaving the KTLA morning show.

Burch and KTLA have yet to reveal details about why the anchor is leaving. Her followers also want to know where she is going next and if she is leaving L.A. Some are also inviting the popular anchor to their cities.

While viewers await an official statement, Burch has been retweeting certain posts on her official Twitter page. The retweets seemingly confirm the rumors that Wendy Burch is up for a promotion at KTLA.

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Rumors abound that Burch is moving on to a managerial position at KTLA. That would mean she is staying at the CW affiliate and Los Angeles for the immediate future.