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For a decade, Albany residents have turned to Tim Drawbridge on News 10 ABC for the latest weather updates. Now he’s changing his career trajectory. Tim Drawbridge announced he is leaving WTEN-TV in October 2022. His regular viewers naturally had questions since the announcement. They want to know where he is going next, if his new job will take him away from the city, and if he is continuing in broadcasting. Fortunately for them, Tim Drawbridge answered most of the queries about his departure from WTEN-TV.

Tim Drawbridge Leaves WTEN

Tim Drawbridge graduated from Lyndon State College with a BA in Communications and Meteorology in 1994. Before that, he first joined WTEN-TV as an intern in 1991.

The certified meteorologist began his professional broadcasting career in Vermont. He worked in Kentucky, Michigan, and Florida before returning to New York in 2003.

His first job in Albany was at WXXA-TV in 2006. He joined WNYT-TV in 2007 and was there for almost seven years.

In 2013, Drawbridge returned to WTEN, joining the weather team with Steve Caporizzo, Rob Lindenmuth, Matt Mackie, and Jill Szwed. At the same time, he has done some freelance play-by-play commentating for the NFHS Network and Capital Region Sports Net.

Now the weather anchor is stepping back from WTEN and the broadcasting industry for a new role. Drawbridge and News 10 ABC announced he is leaving the position after October. He will continue to the weathercasts Monday to Friday through October, after which he will leave for his new job.

Tim Drawbridge has accepted the position of communications director for the city of Glen Falls. He starts the job part-time on October 11. Once his contract with WTEN-TV expires after October, he will continue to work for Glen Falls full-time.

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While working in broadcasting, Drawbridge has maintained a two-decade-long career as an independent media liaison, PR manager, spokesperson, and public affairs consultant. This new job will probably allow Tim Drawbridge a less hectic schedule and allow him to spend more time with his daughter.