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Talitha Vickers has been delivering compelling news coverage to North Carolina for almost a decade. She now announced that she is leaving WXII 12 News, surprising Winston-Salem residents. The experienced journalist is a big part of the local community. So, the news of her departure from the NBC affiliate naturally received many queries. WXII viewers want to know why she is leaving, where she is going next, or if she is retiring. Fortunately for her followers, Talitha Vickers answered most of these questions.

Talitha Vickers Steps Back from WXII 12 News

After graduating from Monmouth University with a BS in broadcast journalism, Talitha Vickers held multiple roles. She worked in New Jersey, New York, and Maryland before coming to North Carolina for the first time in 2006. She was at WCCB FOX Charlotte for three years.

Vickers worked in Orlando, Florida, for almost five years before coming to Winston-Salem. She has been a part of the WXII 12 News team since then.

In 2020, Vickers self-published her book, Why My Hero Had to Go. It is a timeless children’s book about courage and love to help children of all backgrounds understand military deployment.

The award-winning journalist is a beloved part of the local community. So WXII viewers were saddened when she announced that she is leaving the station.


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Vickers’ last day on air was on May 4. She shared that her two little kids visited her in the studio to see her last broadcast.

The veteran journalist and author is not leaving for another job or changing careers. She is stepping away from the news studio and the demanding schedules of broadcasting to spend more time with her family.

Vickers hasn’t revealed her husband’s identity. However, she has occasionally shared glimpses of her son and daughter on social media and WXII 12 News.

She will spend more time with her husband and kids now that she’s leaving the broadcasting industry behind. The family is not leaving the city, so her fans can run into this local celebrity. Also, it’s unclear if she’ll consider returning to the field in the future.

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While WXII viewers hate to see Talitha Vickers go, they understand her reasons. Many wish her and her family well. Still, some hope that she will return to media.