Not to sound like that old guy who lives down the street and yells at children to get off their lawn, but who is Supreme Patty? It seems like every week, there is a new Instagram or YouTube star gaining the nation’s attention by making videos that are of…questionable sanity, at best. Supreme Patty seems to be the latest, and we’ve got the scoop on him here.

In this Supreme Patty wiki, you’ll discover a bit about the man who steals goats, smokes hot sauce, and makes videos that threaten his life and limbs—all in the quest for likes and subscribers! We have the lowdown on where Supreme Patty was born, his real name, and how he got to be where he is today.

The Supreme Basics

Before he was jumping from balconies and inciting riots, he was Patrick Wallace. He was born on December 18, 1997, in Daytona Beach, Florida, placing Supreme Patty’s age at 20. Supreme Patty’s parents are Bill and Angie Wallace.

When he was three years old, his parents divorced. He maintains a very tight relationship with his sister and mother, but as of October 2017, he claims not to have spoken to his father in approximately two years.


Money was tight growing up. As he was going through high school, Supreme Patty was often made fun of due to his acne and questionable teeth. While he smoked weed early in high school career, it was his senior year that almost killed him.

That was when he got into hard drugs, dropped out, and even tried killing himself. The incident led to rehab. While he still smokes weed today, he cleaned up from other drugs, got his GED, and went to college.

Patty Goes to Instagram

While in college, Supreme Patty made a video about how quickly he could eat three hotdogs. This Instagram video was forwarded to the masses via Orlando Bloom. Seeing how many likes and responses he got caused Supreme Patty to become interested in other Instagram and Twitter stars, like Fatboy SSE and Boonk.

Arming himself with the name Supreme Patty (created via a name generator online), he began to make more and more videos and went to bigger extremes. A major theme of most of his videos is Supreme Patty smoking things (like hot sauce out of bongs) and playing pranks on his sister.

Injuries, Incidents, and Rewards

Where to start? While Supreme Patty’s efforts of self-destruction via drugs has disappeared, he has more than made up with it via his videos. In various videos, Supreme Patty launches himself from balconies, smokes things that should be smoked, and squeezes lemons and limes into his eyes so he can’t see, immediately followed by doing something stupid, like going snowboarding.


The snowboarding video ended with Patty in the hospital. On his second time snowboarding, he squeezed lemon juice into his eyes so he could not see. On his way down the hill, he collided with another skier. This left Patty bloody, battered, and needing stitches. Why, tho. 

But for the all of the likes, retweets, and shares, there are rewards. With 2.8 million subscribers on Instagram, Supreme Patty has a solid fan base online. Given that he is just starting out, he very well may see more success in the next few years! (And hopefully, a few less broken bones.)

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