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Scott Hoying is one of the members of a cappella sensation, Pentatonix who just made a comeback with “Deck the Halls” and the holiday special, A Very Pentatonix Christmas on NBC. Thanks to the group’s viral fame, Scott Hoying has a net worth of $8.0 million.

Pentatonix ushered in the holidays with their NBC special, A Very Pentatonix Christmas on November 27. The quintet became an a cappella sensation when Scott Hoying brought the group together. He is also one half of the duo, Superfruit, with bandmate, Mitch Grassi. This duo have always made fans wonder if they are item. Are the two Pentatonix members gay? Find out in Scott Hoying’s wiki right here.

He Formed Pentatonix

Three out of the five Pentatonix members, Kirstin “Kirstie” Maldonado, Mitchell “Mitch” Grassi, and Scott Hoying are childhood friends who went to high school together. The trio performed a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” for a radio contest which let the winners meet the cast of Glee. Despite losing the contest, their performance went viral on YouTube.

While studying at USC, Hoying joined the a cappella group, SoCal VoCals. When a friend encouraged him to audition for NBC’s The Sing Off, he invited Maldonado and Grassi to audition with him.

Before they could try out for The Sing Off, they needed to add a beatboxer and bass to their lineup. Through a mutual friend, Hoying was introduced to Avriel “Avi” Kaplan, a famous vocal bass in the a cappella community. He then enlisted Kevin Olusola after finding his “celloboxing” videos on YouTube.

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He Dropped out of University

After graduating from high school, Hoying pursued a bachelor’s degree in popular music from the University of Southern California. He and Maldonado dropped out of university to audition for The Sing Off, while Grassi skipped his high school graduation.

Though the trio met Avi and Kevin the day before season 3 auditions, they were beyond impressive and won the show. They soon moved to L.A. to pursue a career as recording artists.

After releasing multiple a cappella albums, the group accumulated a combined net worth estimated at $40.0 million. Hoying’s net worth is estimated at $8.0 million.

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He’s a Comedian

Hoying and Grassi have a side project outside of Pentatonix. They named their partnership “Superfruit,” and post comedy and musical videos on their YouTube channel. While the official PTX YouTube channel has over 14.0 million subscribers, Superfruit boasts a following of more than 2.5 million.

Superfruit differs from Pentatonix in that they don’t stick to a cappella. They produce covers and medleys using instruments and electronic music equipment. But their videos are most popular for their humorous vlogs, which often feature appearances from fellow YouTubers and personalities like Miranda Sings and Maisie Williams.

Thank you @outmagazine for including us in your #OUT100 this year! ❤️???? ————– "Before 2017, Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying were best known as the cute gay members of the top-selling a cappella group Pentatonix. Now, after releasing a steady stream of peppy songs and videos as the spin-off act Superfruit, the singers and best friends have crafted a new musical identity. Both catch and buoyantly queer, tracks like “Imaginary Parties” and “Worth It (Perfect)” — both off their debut EP Future Friends—are the kind of uplifting tracks that could make struggling LGBTQ kids dance around their living rooms with hope. “We’ve really learned to own who we are and not be afraid of what others think,” Hoying says. “We want to inspire queer youth, and we’ve had feedback from fans saying we’ve helped or saved them.” Grassi, who hints at an upcoming Superfruit tour, says the content of their songs has been resonant, too. “People applaud us for our normalization of queer romantic pronouns,” he says. “That’s sweet, but I couldn’t imagine not writing in my own voice.”"

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After a couple of EPs, they released their first full-length album, Future Friends this year. They dropped the colorful video of their first single, “Keep Me Coming” on November 17.

The 26-year-old also has his own solo YouTube channel where he posts covers of popular songs and often features his fellow Pentatonix members. The baritone is also a talented songwriter and pianist.

Is Hoying Gay?

Hoying and Grassi are both gay and proudly support the LGBTQ community. The pair often get handsy and cute with each other which made a lot of PTX fans ask if they are dating. And if not, can they really date?

But in a Twitter Q&A video they posted on Superfruit last year, one fan asked if they were dating. Though they acknowledged their closeness, there’s nothing romantic between them. They met while performing theater as kids and have remained friends since then.

As Mitch recalled, they hit it off because “We were both nerdy, we were both singers, we were both performers, both in the closet…” Their friendship was their biggest comfort while they were still in the closet.

Though not with Mitch, is Scott in a relationship? There’s no report on whether he’s dating anyone. Unless you can count his very serious relationship with Wendy’s (the fast food chain with the snarky Twitter account, not a person named Wendy).

They might just be two openly gay friends but it doesn’t stop them from toying with the hearts of fans who just wished they could be a couple. They even coined their ship name, “Scömìche” and adopted a cat, Wyatt Blue Grassi-Hoying who appeared in their videos.