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There is an eight-year gap between Hudson Sheaffer and Sasha Pieterse, but the two lovebirds are inseparable! They have been engaged for almost two years, and Pieterse simply can’t wait to marry to him! Sheaffer is working hard to make his own mark in Hollywood, and with his fiancée cheering him on, it’s only a matter of time before he makes it!

Some of Sasha Pieterse’s fans are still in the dark, and they have been wondering if  Sasha Pieterse is engaged. Well, the answer is yes! Who is Sasha Pieterse’s fiancé? His name is Hudson Sheaffer, and he is eight years older than the Pretty Little Liars star.

Sasha Pieterse and Hudson Sheaffer got engaged on December 22, 2015, and the two have been happily together ever since. It is only now, at the start of Dancing with the Stars season 25, that Pieterse has revealed that she has been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which has many symptoms including menstrual irregularities and weight gain.

So, who is the fine gentleman in her life who makes Pieterse so happy? Here are some details about him in our Hudson Sheaffer wiki.

Luckiest Woman in the World!

Hudson Sheaffer’s age is 28, and he is from California. He celebrated his birthday with Pieterse early in September, and she sent him one of the sweetest messages on social media saying, “Happy Birthday week babe! You bless everyone around you. Thank you for being you. I hope this year and every year after gives you as much joy as you give others. You truly are my better half. As the years fly by, I am continuously grateful to have you, and I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Every day I fall in love with you all over again, I truly am the luckiest woman in the world thanks to you. I can’t wait to be your wife.”

Working His Way Up

Hudson Sheaffer loves to take road trips and takes his fiancée and their dogs along, as well. He refers to them as his “little family,” and makes sure that no matter how busy they both are, they take time to go on these trips and spend quality time with each other.

Sheaffer has dreams of making it big in showbiz and worked as an art production assistant on the movie Closure and as a stunt performer on The Dalhia Knights. He was also associated with the movie, When She Smiles.

Wanting to learn as much as he can about the movie business, Sheaffer spent time in the stunt and art departments of various projects. However, the thing that is closest to his heart is writing, and he calls himself a “creative collaborator.”

Totally in Love

My darling I love you ❤️

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Sheaffer dated Pieterse for almost three years before he popped the question. He is active on Instagram and often posts pictures of Pieterse and their two dogs, Lady and Levi.

Though details about Hudson Sheaffer’s net worth are not known, considering he is just 28 years old and still trying to find his footing, he is bound to make the big bucks.

Hudson Sheaffer’s Instagram account is full of pictures of him and Pieterse together, their dogs, their friends, stills from Pieterse’s work, and lovable cartoon characters. It is obvious that Sheaffer is a fun-loving person and keeps Pieterse in high spirits.