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Summer is about to begin and with the temperatures about to rise, most of us prefer to stay home and relax. Even at night, we don’t feel like going out as the high-heated day makes the ground hot even at night. But, no need to worry as you can entice your laid-back evenings by tuning in to the TV show Rogue as the thrilling cop-drama series returns with its third season.

And, we know some of you are not aware of the Rogue series. That’s exactly why we are putting all the important stuff about this TV show together to let you know everything you need to about the Rogue television series.

Everything You Need to Know about Rogue

What’s Rogue About?

Rogue is a thriller television series that’s based around police drama happening in North Carolina. It’s a crime drama, but has unexpected thrills added with insane action sequences. The show starts when police officer Grace Travis (Thandie Newton) who joins the San Jose P.D. to take down the criminal empire of Jimmy Laszlo (Marton Csokas). Things become twisted after her son gets murdered, and she and Jimmy unite for a common purpose.

The cop leaves her department and goes to handle an FBI task force in San Francisco as an undercover operative. Rogue’s true plot begins here when she meets charming security consultant Ethan Kelly (Cole Hasuer). Grace suspects Ethan is responsible for the murder of the undercover officer whose job she took over.

In its third season, Ethan penetrates a shady company in Chicago to come across and even notorious criminal mastermind, Marty Stein (Richard Shiff), the firm’s attorney and stock broker. Grace and Ethan work together to bring down Marty’s empire, who’s also the reason behind murder of Grace’s son.

Rogue’s third season resumes tonight and in it you’ll see Ethan searching for Mia (Ashley Greene), who’s suspected to be abducted by dangerous Russian criminals. This is where the show’s lead character Ethan Kelly goes “rogue” to find Mia.


The Rogue cast is undoubtedly one of the best ensemble of actors perfectly befitting a crime-thriller. The cast of the Rogue television series includes award-winning movie actress Thandi Newton in a recurring role, joined by actor Cole Hauser, who we all know as drug lord Carter Verone from 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003). Joining them is Marlon Csokas, another actor famous for playing a villain as we remember him as terrorist leader Yorgi in xXx (2002).

The cast of Rogue gets even more interesting when you have actor Richard Shiff on board to play the main crime lord, Marty Stein. And, you also have actor Derek Luke who plays Marlon Dinard, the mysterious head of a Chicago gang. The best part about this Rogue cast is that it’s about to get hotter than the summer thanks to Twilight-star Ashley Greene joining this season as Mia, an ex-NSA officer. Everyone grew fond of the beautiful Ashley Greene who became popular as the weirdly lovable vampire Alice Cullen in the blockbuster Twilight movie series.


Rogue returned with its third season on March 23. Till now, the Rogue season three have been renewed to being extended with ten more episodes, with the eleventh one getting aired on March 23. The season’s 13th episode will air on April 6, that is tonight! The episode, titled “Baggage,” will show Ethan dealing with trust issues about Mia while fighting an unexpected gunman. The show gets aired during prime time on Wednesdays, but details about scheduling and plots of Rogue’s future episodes remain unavailable at the moment.

So, watch Ashley Greene and Cole Hauser in an all-new Rogue episode as its third season airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST on DirecTV’s Audience Network. Before that, check out the thrilling extended trailer for Rogue season three.