Phyllis Schlafly, seen at home holding a pillow saying "STOP ERA," credited with singlehandedly killing the Equal Rights Amendment. Schlafly, the strident STOP describes herself as a housewife and calls her strenuous political career a "hobby".

Phyllis Schlafly, the conservative activist known for defeating the Equal Rights Movement in the 1970s, passed away in her St. Louis home after a battle with cancer, on September 5, 2016. In 1972, she founded the Eagle Forum and the Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund, which focused on social issues and promoting the family unit. Not only was the 92-year-old a hot topic of political discussion during her life, Phyllis Schlafly’s son, John Schlafly also made headlines in 1992. If you’re searching for John Schlafly wiki, you won’t find much on him other than his political stance, support for his mother, and his sexual orientation.

His Romantic Interests Don’t Coincide with His Mother’s Goals

John Schlafly, son of the leader who stood against abortion, the equal rights amendment, sex education in public schools and alternative lifestyles, confirmed in an interview with the San Francisco Examiner that he was homosexual. He was first revealed to be gay by New York’s QW.

He Continued to Support His Mother

Despite John Schlafly’s outing, he continued to diligently support the Republican platform and his mother’s goals. He defended his mother to The Washinton Post saying, “The truth is: family—values people, of which my mother is a part, are not out to bash gay people.” John Schlafly even supported former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, who was known for encouraging GOP delegates, to wage a “cultural war” against homosexuality.

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He Did Not Win Gay Leaders Over with His Outing

Although his coming out was applauded by various gay leaders, support for his Republican stance, did not improve. The president of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force said, “While his is an important step, I have to respectfully disagree with his defense of the indefensible. Phyllis Schlafly is not a disinterested bystander. She is one of a handful of leaders on the far right.”

His Mother Believed He was Exploited

Phyllis Schlafly claimed her political enemies were seeking to get revenge on her by exploiting her son through the initial announcements of him being gay. She said, “I think it’s obviously a political hit to me, the whole story.” She explained, “The media was trying to push the angle that there was some sort of hypocrisy going on, which I felt was inaccurate.”

Phyllis Schlafly Devoted Her Life to the Traditional Family

While promoting her book, Who Killed the American Family? she told Michaelangelo Singnorile, “I’m extremely disappointed that the Republican Party, the conservative movement, even the Democratic Party and the churches, have been saying, ‘Well, soon the court will decide, and that will be it.’ Well, a lot of people thought that about Roe v. Wade, and we’ve seen the whole abortion movement turned around in the last 10 years.”

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