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Who is Don McLean’s girlfriend? The “American Pie” singer was seen spotted with a younger woman recently and now fans want to know more about her. How long has this romance been going on for? Who is the young woman? We’ve got the scoop!

Though many are gawking at the fact that she’s 48 years younger than him, it seems the two have been linked for some time now. Her name is Paris Dylan and many are scratching their heads wondering where they may have seen her before. There’s a reason McLean’s new girlfriend may seem familiar and people want details. Get everything you need to know with our Paris Dylan wiki.

Who Is Paris Dylan?

Paris Dylan is a model and according to her website, she lives in Palm Desert, California. And as for the elephant in the room: Yes, she much younger than her boyfriend! Her age, 24, is 48 years younger than McLean, who is 72! (He may be robbing the cradle but she’s the one robbing the grave!)

She may also look familiar because she made an appearance on the MTV reality show, Catfish in 2017. Her photos have also landed in Maxim and Playboy, for her beauty and charisma. Aside from being into men in their 60s and 70s, she’s also really into music form the ‘60s and ’70s, according to her website. She’s certainly an old soul! And in case you were wondering if she had a weird side; she does! The social media star enjoys going to Comic Con and dressing up as her favorite characters, which include Wonder Woman and Loki.

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Paris Dylan’s Instagram

If you’re looking for hot pics that don’t require a magazine subscription, then head over to her Instagram account. (Though some of her photos leave very little to the imagination, that’s for sure!) It’s also the place where you can see all of her travels and find out what she’s doing, in real time. Dylan and McLean also have a few photos together, some that date back to 2016 while at the Lotos Club in New York City. Most of her photos include seriously hot pics of the young starlett and her Instagram should come with a warning; viewing it may leave you hot and bothered! Check out this red bikini shot and a couple other below to see exactly what we mean!

Devilishly Hot in Red…


A post shared by ?Paris (@parisdylan550) on

Is that a pepperoni in your thong, or are you just happy to see us?

Happy #NationalPizzaDay ? can’t wait to celebrate xx #pizza

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With nothing but a t-shirt on, she’s still hotter than hell.

I love you David. ?❤️. #davidcassidy

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Paris Dylan on Catfish

According to People, Dylan was featured on an episode of the MTV hit show, Catfish, in 2017. The episode was focused on an incident in 2011, when Dylan went by the names Paris Roxanne and Paris Dunn. She was 17 at the time and began an online relationship with NBA player Chris “Birdman” Andersen, who was 33 at the time. They swapped several text messages and even nude pictures. They eventually realized that they weren’t really speaking to each other, but to a Canadian woman named Shelly Chartier! Why would Chartier do this? According to sources, she was trying to extort money from Andersen, of course.

In 2015, Chartier was arrested and charged with as much as seven counts of fraud and an 18-month prison sentence for her crime. For any Catfish fan, it was definitely one of the more memorable episodes of the series!

Don McLean’s Divorce

Dylan is the first woman that the “American Pie” singer has been linked to, since his split from Patrisha Shnier. After 29 years of marriage, the pair got divorced in 2016. It was a messy divorce, especially since Shnier accused McLean of domestic abuse.

“Don has been adamant since day one that he did not do what his now ex-wife said he did,” McLean’s lawyer said in a statement to People. “But in the end, he decided it was better to just resolve the case now and be done with it by entering pleas with zero jail, zero probation, and only fines.”

Dylan and McLean are currently making their rounds in the U.K. and Ireland, promoting the singer’s spring tour together.