There have been no shortages of crises since President Donald Trump took office and it has seemingly polarized the country. Critics are at every corner; some waiting like vultures while others are just fed up with their news feeds being flooded. One critic is Noah Rothman, who like everyone else, can’t help but observe the many head-scratching moments that Trump has caused. For more details on him, like Noah Rothman’s net worth, have a look at our Noah Rothman wiki.

Noah Rothman, Commentary Editor

Noah Rothman’s age is 35 and he was “born in the last weeks of 1981.” He graduated with a B.A. from Drew University in 2004 in Russian Studies and from 2008-2010, he graduated Seton Hall University with a Master’s in international relations, security studies, and Eastern Europe studies. He interned for XM Satellite Radio for the Opie & Anthony Show from 2005-2005 and worked for both ABC and CBS radio networks in the past. He edited for publications such as Mediaite, Campaigns and Elections, and Ology. Now, he’s the associate editor for Commentary magazine, specializing in politics and culture.

Noah Rothman’s Twitter

He may not have an Instagram account like all the cool kids today, but he does have an active Twitter account! It’s the best way to reach him and you can stay up to date on anything he’s thinking or working on. Expect most of it to be political and watch out for the usual political debates.

Is Noah Rothman Gay?

No one knows for sure. There’s no word on his personal life, and it’s not very important, one way or the other. While many may have their questions, something tells us Rothman is too preoccupied with the state of the country to even care.


Trump’s Pardoning of Apraio

Trump’s pardon of former Arizona sheriff Joe Apraio, who was convicted of criminal contempt in court in a racial profiling case, has been one of the many controversial moments in Trumps budding presidential legacy.

“And that’s sort of the nature of this political moment, is transgression is its own reward and its own value,” Rothman said as a guest on Morning Joe. “As long as you’re making news, and irritating the other guy, and liberal tears and what have you, this sort of shallow nonsense, is its own good.”

Will Trump’s Survive Four Years?

“We don’t know if this guy is going to make it for four years,” Rothman said on Morning Joe. “He seems disinclined to adjust to the office — barring (Monday) night, which was a big exception — and the address to Congress in February. Otherwise, he seems to not be very comfortable in this office, he doesn’t seem to like it very much.”

“He might have to look at some options on the way out, and it behooves members of his party to start speculating about this,” Rothman added. “I don’t know about publicly, that’s probably a step too far, but I guarantee they’re all thinking what he said.”

Trump’s approval ratings have decreased recently since the Charlottesville incident and now, with Hurricane Harvey a top priority, the next few days for the president are crucial to his fist term.


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