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Fans of NBA YoungBoy (or YoungBoy Never Broke Again) had a scary moment on social media earlier today when a rumor swirled that the Louisiana-based rapper had died. Unspecified sources claimed that NBA YoungBoy was fatally shot. Is NBA YoungBoy dead or is it just another celebrity death hoax?

Was NBA YoungBoy Killed in a Shooting?

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden aka NBA YoungBoy was reportedly found dead in an SUV. The supposed source of this news is a website claiming to be “Channel 22 News” that alleged he was shot in a gang-related incident.

More videos on YoungBoy’s alleged death surfaced on YouTube. The videos, however, don’t provide any information on the news.

The 19-year-old is just as famous for his history of violence and run-ins with the law as he is for his rhymes. Naturally, a lot of his fans believed he was the victim of a fatal shooting.

Google Trends recorded a massive volume of searches on Sunday related to NBA YoungBoy’s shooting.

NBA Youngboy Trends

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The exact details were obscure and the origin of this news can’t be confirmed. According to some claims, he was shot at three times. Some claimed he was shot in the head.

YoungBoy fans flooded social media and his Twitter page asking for confirmation if he really was dead. Some even posted condolences about the rapper.

However, there is no need for condolences. YoungBoy appears to be alive and well. And he made sure his Twitter followers knew that.

False Claims About NBA YoungBoy’s Death

NBA YoungBoy appears to be a favorite subject of celebrity death hoaxes. It was similarly reported that he was shot and killed in 2017.

In the 2017 and the latest death hoaxes, trolls created fake news reports on a prank website. Obviously, the report or the site have nothing to do with the real Channel 22 News.

The latest fake report on YoungBoy’s death was created in April 2018. It’s unclear what made it trend on November 25. Nonetheless, a speculative tweet by “My Mixtapez” on YoungBoy’s shooting may have added fuel to the rumors.

When the rumors of his shooting first came up on Sunday, the rapper tweeted, giving his followers evidence that he’s not dead. The replies to the tweet were visibly happy that he’s alive and kicking.

He first posted an Anger Bubble emoji, followed by another cryptic tweet that said, “Sometimes nobody was here for us JUST US.”

A few interpret the first tweet as YoungBoy expressing his anger at the death hoax. The follow-up was seemingly in gratitude to the outpouring of love from his fans.

NBA YoungBoy’s current health is, however, unknown. The rapper reportedly had a blackout at a concert earlier this month. Nonetheless, fans can be assured YoungBoy Never Broke Again is alive.