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With big earnings come a few fines, and Brian Quick is no exception. Brian Quick’s net worth seemed to fluctuate, but with his most recent contract, we can only hope that his previous financial troubles are behind him. Read on to learn more. 

Brian Rumeal Quick is a wide receiver who plays for the Washington Redskins of the NFL. WAGS LA star Michelle Quick’s husband is playing his sixth season with the NFL.  Do you want to know more about him? Then keep reading our Brian Quick wiki!

Personal Trivia

Michelle Quick is more than just Brian Quick’s wife. She stars on E!’s WAGS LA which airs Sunday nights. Brian is just 27 years old who, until recently, played for the L.A. Rams. Before joining the NFL, he played college football at Appalachian State. It was this very month two years ago that the pair got married. They became parents to a baby girl in May 2016, whom they named Cali Brielle.


This year, we hope that Brian Quick laughed his way to the bank as the Washington Redskins just signed a contract worth $855,000, with a signing bonus of $80,000. For 2017, Quick is slated to earn a base salary of $775,000 apart from his signing bonus.

Year 2017
Age 28
Base Salary $775,000
Sighning $80,000
Cap Hit $695,000
Dead Cap $855,000
Yearly cash $855,000


Year Salary Signing Bonus Incentive Total
2012 $39,000 $2,357,528 $2,747,528
2013 $634,845 $634,845
2014 $879,690 $879,690
2015 $1,124,536 $35,690 $1,160,226
2016 $1,250,000 $1,750,000
2017 $775,000 $80,000 $855,000

Quick was fined $8,268 for unnecessary roughness against Seattle in 2014. A year before,  he had to shell out $7,875 for hitting a Carolina player in the face during a game. However, there have been no reported instances since, and it looks like Brian Quick’s wealth is sure to grow!