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Michael Phelps’ family has been the center of attention lately and there seems to be no shortage of Michael Phelps’ family pics, especially with the latest addition to the Phelps squad, son Boomer. In order to get more pictures, fans of the highly decorated Olympic swimmer have been searching for terms like, “Nicole Johnson pictures,” “Hilary Phelps,” “Whitney Phelps,” and Michael Phelps sisters.”

Michael Phelps’ mom, Debbie Phelps, raised the family as a single mother on a teacher’s salary. The Phelps family acted as a team and rallied together, despite having different swimming schedules. Michael’s father, Frank, and Debbie divorced when he was nine-years-old and they have been estranged ever since. The family continues to be a strong unit, who support each other very much. Michael Phelps’ fiancée (soon to be Michael Phelps’ wife) Nicole Johnson, have extended the family by introducing the next generation, Michael Phelps’ son, Boomer Robert Phelps.

#1 Coach

Happy 31st Birthday MP! Love you and can't wait for our next adventure. @m_phelps00

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Though Michael grew up without a father, he wasn’t in short supply on a father figure. Coach Robert “Bob” Bowman has been in Michael’s life since the beginning, and has trained him to be the best Olympic swimmer in the world. We also have a hunch that Boomer’s middle name is actually named after Bowman. It makes sense, since he’s the closest thing Michael has to a father, and that’s no secret from the family.

All Smiles


Here we see Debbie (@mamaphelps20) posing with her future daughter-in-law, grandson and famed photographer, Giuliano Bevilacqa. Say cheese!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Above, we see Debbie wishing her children a happy Mother’s Day and saying how proud she is of her family with a beautiful collage.

Family Affair

Here, we see Hilary, Debbie and Johnson at a wedding -and judging by the caption, Debbie is having a great time with her favorite women!

Happy Birthday Michael!

Happy, happy, happy birthday @m_phelps00!

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Here we see all the special ladies in Michael’s life wishing him a happy birthday in front of the man himself!


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