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Mark Shanaberger announced that he is bidding farewell to his TV home of over a decade in October 2020. After 14 years at WFMZ-TV, the weatherman is departing the Allentown, Pennsylvania station. Longtime viewers are sad that he will no longer be on the station and are asking if they will see him on another channel. Shanaberger did reveal why he is leaving WFMZ ahead of his last broadcast on October 19.

Mark Shanaberger Leaves WFMZ for New Career Opportunity

Pennsylvania native Mark Shanaberger graduated from Penn State and spent his entire career on TV stations in his home state and even Maine. He came to Allentown’s independent station, WFMZ-TV, in 2006 as an experienced meteorologist.

Shanaberger spent 14 and a half years at WFMZ covering the weather and also serving in other capacities. But after an illustrious career that made him a beloved personality to Allentown locals, he is ready to bid farewell to broadcast.

A week before his departure, Shanaberger announced the news on-air as well as on his official Twitter page. His last day on-air was Monday, October 19.

Viewers who have seen this weatherman for over a decade are sad to see him go. They are hoping to see him on-air at another network.

Sadly, that won’t be happening. Shanaberger is bringing his meteorology expertise to East Coast Facilities’ trueWeather in Allentown and other Pennsylvania cities.

While he will stay in Allentown, he won’t be making an on-camera appearance anytime soon. And he isn’t changing his career trajectory out of the blue, either.

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Shanaberger stated that he had not aimed to have a broadcast career and it was just an opportunity that came by and lasted for two decades. His new job is something that he’s wanted to do for a long time and is also in his realm of expertise.

His fans had hoped he would be back on-air soon, but they are congratulating him on finding a job he loves. And he’s still in town, so there are plenty of chances to run into him.

In case you missed 69 News at 4 today, I announced that I’m leaving WFMZ. I have accepted a job with East Coast Facilities and True Weather as a Content Project Coordinator and will begin my job with them later this month. The companies are based out of Allentown, so I’ll be local and may see some of you out and about from time to time. If you’re hoping to catch me on the air you’ll have a couple more days this week on the 4 before my last day on the air comes on Monday when I’ll be doing both the Noon and the 4.I know for some of you I’ve become a quasi-family member or friend over the last 14+ years. I want those of you to know that I appreciated your support and know that you could have very easily chosen to tune into another station, so this is my heartfelt thank you for choosing us. I hope the love that I have for the entire station, but more specifically the 69 News at 4 team and the Weather Department, came across on the air over the years. I hope that I made planning your day a little easier with my weather forecasts. Along with that, I also hope I made you smile, laugh, think, and that you knew that when at times our news brought you to tears that those tears were being shed by me too.Again, this is not goodbye yet as I still have a few more days, just more of a heads up to savor what’s left. I know I will.

Posted by Mark Shanaberger on Wednesday, October 14, 2020