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South Kentucky and Bowling Green residents instantly became enchanted by sports reporter Lexi Schweinert’s charisma when she joined WNKY-TV. But after three years, Lexi Schweinert leaves WNKY News 40 for an opportunity closer to home, fulfilling her dreams to work in sports media. The announcement was made last month, and she recently wrapped up her last day at the station. Many have been dying to know where Lexi Schweinert is going next. Read on to find out what Lexi Schweinert said about her new job.

Lexi Schweinert Switching to Baseball

Lexi Schweinert grew up in Brookfield, Wisconsin, where her parents and brothers live. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and strategic communications in 2020.

Schweinert had sports internships at WISN 12 News, WMTV NBC15 News, and ESPN 100.5 FM Madison. And from 2019 to 2020, she was also the vice president of the Association for Women in Sports Media.

Straight out of college, Schweinert joined WNKY News 40 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, as a general reporter on the evening newscasts. She’s also been anchoring for the station’s morning show, SoKY Sunrise.

But Lexi Schweinert’s sports coverage made her popular among SoKY residents. She also reports on the sidelines during the Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers football and basketball seasons on ESPN+.

And Tops fans have loved every minute of Schweinert’s sports coverage. But they are going to miss her during the upcoming seasons.

After nearly three years, Lexi Schweinert leaves WNKY News 40 for a new position. The sportscaster first announced she was exiting the station last month and mentioned it again before her last week at WNKY and in the SoKY broadcast scene.

In the same announcement, the sports reporter announced she would cover the Minnesota Twins coverage. Schweinert will now be an MLB broadcast host and producer for the Twins franchise. Not only is her dream to work full-time in sports media coming true, but this opportunity will also bring her closer to her family in Wisconsin.

Her mom, Jenny Schweinert, is just as excited about the news. And she was grateful for all the love and support her daughter received from WNKY and the SoKY community.

Lexi Schweinert wrapped up her last broadcast at WNKY News 40 on April 8. And soon after, she and her adorable fur babies set off on a road trip to their new home.

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Schweinert is set to start at her new job this month, too. So keep your eyes peeled on her social media for further updates.