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After Andy Cannizaro’s abrupt exit, fans are not only wondering what happened to the coach, but they are also questioning the whereabouts of his reported mistress, Lee Begley. The Florida Gators football recruiter was allegedly linked to Cannizaro’s affair, and we have details about her, right here! 

Lee Begley has been associated with MSU for over six years now. In the process, she was linked with star player and MSU Bulldogs coach, Andy Cannizaro. None of those rumors were put to rest nor confirmed, leaving fans in the dark.

Find out more about the alleged affair, along with details from Lee Begley’s wiki.

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Lee Begley Is a Recruiter

Lee Begley, now the director of recruiting operations for the Florida Gators, previously worked with Dan Mullen at Mississippi State University.

Begley is from Gulf Shores, Alabama, and graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in public relations and psychology in 2010. She earned her master’s degree from the same university in sports management in 2011.

In college, Begley was a student assistant in the recruiting office. Long before that, when she was in Tuscaloosa, Begley worked for the Tide as a recruiting assistant.

Begley has since been associated with MSU, who saw a very dynamic recruiter in her. She was one of the key people on Mullen’s staff.

Lee Begley, age 30, is not looking to slow things down, despite the fact that her job keeps her apart from her family at times.

From Mississippi to Florida

In a radio interview, Begley was asked about how she took the news after Mullen, the head coach of the Florida Gators, told her about being on the recruiting team. She said that she was more than happy to make the shift and upgrade her position in the football world, but also said that she misses her husband from time to time.

On Sunday, Mullen told Begley that he wanted her to be on his team at Florida as the director of recruitment operations, and she was ecstatic.

The duo always made a very strong team, and now the Gators are going to be the team to watch.

Begley said in the interview that she was settled in now, but had to stay at a hotel for three to four weeks before all the logistics were worked out.

Nonetheless, Begley is all set to market the Gator brand. Although it’s a new team with new faces to her, football is not!

Who Is Lee Begley’s Husband

Lee Begley married Bill Begley in 2016. He was the MSU basketball captain at the time.

Bill Begley tweeted a picture of their wedding on their first anniversary and wrote, “1 year down, a lifetime to go! Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife @leewdavis17! Best is yet to come!”

The couple has two dogs who complete their family. Bill Begley is the current head coach of the East Mississippi Community College men’s basketball team and former Mississippi State basketball captain.

Rest assured, if the Begleys have a baby, that child will have a lot of sports memorabilia!

Lee Begley and Andy Cannizaro’s Affair 

It was reported that Andy Cannizaro was cheating on his wife, with whom he has two children. When he resigned from his dream job, Cannizaro said he wanted forgiveness for his wrongdoings.

However, neither Lee Begley nor Andy Cannizaro spoke out regarding the allegations. So, nothing can be concluded of the rumor at this time.