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When Laura Waggoner was first pregnant, she lost her twin boys. Thankfully, she had her husband, Kenny Mayne, to stand by her side and comfort her. Today, they have two daughters and are a happy, close knit family.

Is Kenny Mayne married? He sure is! In fact, he was married twice, with his first one ending in divorce. Kenny Mayne’s wife is Laura Waggoner, who is a doctor by profession. Kenny Mayne’s wedding to Waggoner took place in May 1995, and the two have been together ever since. Laura Waggoner and Kenny Mayne have two daughters. Mayne is a sports journalist for ESPN and currently hosts Kenny Mayne’s Wider World of Sports on He is also a regular contributor to “Sunday NFL Countdown” with his weekly segment, Mayne Event. We have more details about his wife, Laura Waggoner, right here.

The Worst Kind of Tragedy

Laura Waggoner and Kenny Mayne are very close and have gone through a lot together. Not many people know of the tragedy that befell Waggoner and Mayne when they became parents for the first time in 1996. Waggoner gave birth to twins named Creighton and Connor. The twins were born only six months into Waggoner’s pregnancy because of complications. Their older son, Creighton, was stillborn, while Connor died six months later due to complications that affected his liver, kidney, eyes, and lungs. Waggoner and Mayne were both in shock and grief over this terrible tragedy.

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Life is Beautiful

So, when their subsequent children were born without any complications and were healthy, Waggoner and Mayne were happy and grateful for what they considered a gift from God. They named their daughters Riley Hope and Annie. Both parents try and spend as much time as they can with their children. Laura Waggoner’s kids are very close to their father and think the world of him. Mayne also pampers them and makes sure that he is there for all the important milestones in their life, like birthdays and holidays. He even takes them shopping and helped them learn to drive!

A Fine Balance

Kenny Mayne feels that he is fortunate in getting a wife like Laura Waggoner. He stated on numerous occasions that he has a beautiful and understanding wife, and is very lucky to have her in his life. While Mayne is the public figure who is typically recognized wherever he goes, Waggoner feels more comfortable staying away from the public eye. She does not get as much media attention as Mayne does, and she is perfectly happy with this situation. That’s why it is very difficult to find Laura Waggoner’s photos online, though Mayne’s photos are everywhere! Balancing her work, personal life, and other responsibilities, Laura Waggoner is a woman who is a positive source of inspiration to others.