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Joshua Short has been reporting all the latest happenings in Denver, Colorado, for over a year, and his dynamic personality has left a mark on the local community. But now, the journalist is heading back to his old stomping grounds. Joshua Short is leaving KDVR FOX31 Denver at the end of April. Since the announcement, FOX31 Denver viewers have wondered where Joshua Short is going and if his new job would keep him on Colorado airwaves. Find out what Joshua Short said about his upcoming departure from KDVR FOX31 Denver here.

Joshua Short Heading Back to Indiana

Chicago native Joshua Short studied broadcast journalism at Columbia College Chicago from 2013 to 2017. Not only did he have multiple internships, but he also worked as a Chicago tour guide during that time.

His first professional broadcast job after college was in South Bend, Indiana. From 2017 to 2021, Short anchored and reported for WNDU 16 News Now. And he had a viral moment when he was prepared to report on the Black Friday frenzy at the crack of dawn, only to be sorely disappointed when no shoppers showed up at the mall.

After four years of reporting in Indiana, Short decided to move on in 2021. And at that time, he squashed the rumors that he was fired or leaving on a bitter note and said he chose to leave WNDU-TV.


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In 2021, he relocated to Denver, Colorado, from South Bend. And he brought the same panache and humor to KDVR FOX31 as an anchor and reporter.

But it was fun while it lasted. Joshua Short is going to say goodbye to the Mile High City shortly.

It was announced on social media that Joshua Short is leaving KDVR FOX31 Denver at the end of this month. But he hasn’t yet stated when his last day on the air at the station will be.

After signing off from KDVR, Short is heading back to South Bend. He’s accepted a position at WNDU 16 News Now again. But this time, he will have a later “wake-up call” than his previous job. The move will also bring the anchor closer to friends, family, and old colleagues.

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In the meantime, FOX31 Denver viewers get about a month of Joshua Short’s humor. Until then, keep checking his social media for further updates.