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If you’ve followed Conan O’Brien’s talk shows, you’re definitely familiar with Jordan Schlansky. He has worked in production management on all of O’Brien’s shows, and has even appeared on his late-night shows more than once. His robotic demeanor and frenemy relationship with O’Brien make him an irreplaceable personality on Conan. So we’ve got Jordan Schlansky’s wiki to present this zany producer.

About Jordan Schlansky
AlumniState University of New York at Buffalo
Works ForConan (talk show)
BirthdayApril 13

He’s a Producer on Conan

Jordan Schlansky was born in New York but according to Conan O’Brien, he hails specifically from Long Island. He celebrates his birthday on April 13, though his age is not known.

Schlansky graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a bachelor’s degree in 2003. He is a TV producer, with Conan O’Brien as the common factor in all his credits.

He has been working with the late-night host since 1996. He first started as a studio coordinator for Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He later upgraded to production manager and associate producer.

When O’Brien hosted The Tonight Show, Schlansky was the associate producer until NBC removed O’Brien from the post.

Since 2010, he has been the associate producer of Conan on TBS. O’Brien first approached him for Conan during the 2008 Writers Guild of America strikes. In a Reddit AMA, Schlansky said about that time, “it seemed natural to use the opportunity to incorporate circumstances that we found compelling and funny in our everyday lives.”

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Though we say he’s a producer, no one really knows what Schlansky’s job is. On several occasions, fans have asked Schlansky what his job entails as a producer on the show. He has consistently responded that there are “various production-related tasks” to do. Honestly, his job remains a mystery that has never been cracked.

He has previously appeared in several televised segments with O’Brien. However, he’s had more on-camera time on Conan and won a legion of fans with his stiff, deadpan reactions to Conan.

He Loves Italian Culture

Schlansky’s trademark expressionless responses to O’Brien are the most hilarious attraction of the producer’s TV moments. Some of their interactions make for the most popular videos on YouTube.

Their most iconic segment of “Conan without Borders” was O’Brien and Schlansky’s Italian road trip last year. Conan mercilessly ruined the trip for Schlansky, who’s an Italian culture junkie, by being…well, Conan.

He made it up to Schlansky recently by taking him to an Italian restaurant in California: an Olive Garden. However, not surprisingly, Olive Garden isn’t authentically Italian enough for Schlansky.

O’Brien also rips into Schlansky’s tendency to go on profound spiels on random topics. Remember Schlansky’s Italian vs. American espresso coffee-gate, circa 2013? Conan has more than once shut down his elitist coffee opinions, but Schlansky’s fans more than once took up for him for his coffee knowledge.

Schlansky also fell in love with Japanese culture after he saw 1986’s The Karate Kid Part II. However, Ralph Macchio, the OG Karate Kid, ruined Schlansky’s childhood when he revealed that all the scenes in Japan from the movie were actually filmed in Hawaii.

He’s also a Star Wars fan, a fact he emphasized in a long speech on why Star Wars is better than Star Trek—while dressed as Spock.

Schlansky has gone from loving culture to becoming a part of culture. He’s now forever immortalized as the face of the creepy date guy meme.

He Is Married

Schlanksy is very private about his life and doesn’t reveal much on social media. However, from his appearances on Conan, we do know he is married to a woman named Emma.

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Is Jordan Schlansky a Real Person?

Conan fans look forward to Jordan Schlansky’s appearances on the show and O’Brien is always there to oblige. It’s our guilty pleasure to watch O’Brien barge into an unsuspecting Schlansky’s office with cameras and pull some mischief.

If you’ve ever wondered if Schlansky’s unfazed reactions to O’Brien’s random visits to his office are real, Schlansky told Reddit users that they’re not scripted. He never really knows when Conan will surprise him with a filming crew.

For all their non-stop banter, fans wonder if the bullwhip-wielding Schlansky really is that robotic and if his love-hate chemistry with Conan is real. Schlansky told Reddit users that what we see on camera is truly how they are off-camera as well.

“At this point, anything that happens in my personal life I have to understand is fair game, whether I like it or not. I always try to remind myself that we work in entertainment, and that’s our business and that’s our venture,” Schlansky said. “And if I can serve that cause in some small way by creating some entertainment based on the things that happen in my life, then I’m happy to have been able to contribute like that.”

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And just so you know, Jordan Schlansky does smile.