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The residents of Ark-La-Tex rely on Joe Haynes for all their weather updates. He has served the tri-state region for several years, and his dynamic personality has left a mark on KTBS 3 News viewers. But the StormTeam 3 Weather chief meteorologist has made a bittersweet announcement of his exit from the station. Now, viewers want to know about Joe Haynes’ departure from KTBS-TV. So read on for all the details.

Joe Haynes to Leave KTBS-TV

A native of Richardson, Texas, Joe Haynes has always been fascinated by the weather. He earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas.

His passion for meteorology endured even after he worked for Rockwell International for six years after he graduated. And Haynes finally achieved this goal in 1992 when he graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in meteorology.

After getting accepted to graduate school, the “television bug” struck him. And from that point on, Haynes worked as a TV meteorologist.

Prior to joining KTBS-TV, Joe Haynes held positions at KMGH Denver7 News, WFOR in Florida, and KFDA NewsChannel 10 Amarillo Texas. He is a member of and has the Broadcast Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society.

When he moved to Shreveport to join the StormTeam 3 Weather Team at KTBS-TV, Ark-La-Texas welcomed him with open arms. His calm demeanor comforted the tri-state region’s residents during bad weather and kept them safe from crazy atmospheric conditions.

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However, the chief meteorologist has announced his retirement. Joe Haynes is leaving KTBS-TV in a couple of weeks for the next chapter of his life. He plans to move to Colorado to spend time with his sons.