Sally Michelson married Jay Thomas in 1987 and never left his side since. She supported him throughout his long and fruitful career and was his best friend and confidante. She ensured that Thomas’ son (J.T. Harding, from a previous girlfriend) was beside him when he breathed his last. With all the focus on his untimely death, many are interested to learn more about Jay Thomas’ wife, and we’ve got all the details right here in our Sally Michelson wiki. 

Jay Thomas’ death has brought sadness to the entertainment industry, to which he gave so much. Though it was well-known that he was battling cancer, the shock of his death is still fresh. No one has been more hurt than his loving wife of many years, Sally Michelson. Michelson and Thomas had one of the most stable and happy marriages in Hollywood and were liked and admired by all. Michelson cared for Thomas through his illness and was by his side when passed on Thursday, August 24, 2017. Sally Michelson and Jay Thomas’ children, Samuel and Jakob were also by his side when their father left slipped away quietly, leaving behind wonderful memories for his family, friends, colleagues, and fans. Grieving fans want to know more about Thomas’ wife and family, so we’ve gathered some details about her in our Sally Michelson wiki.

A Compassionate Lady

There is no information on Sally Michelson’s age, so we cannot confirm how old she actually is. Michelson got married to Jay Thomas in 1987 and they were together from then on. She was the most important person in Thomas’ life, and she supported him in all his endeavors. Thomas had a flourishing career in television and radio for several decades, and while he was delighting audiences, it was Michelson who took care of the children and their needs. Thomas had fathered a son out-of-wedlock many years ago, and the baby named J.T. Harding was adopted by a family in Michigan. Years later, Thomas came to know about his son’s existence and was visibly moved at their reunion. It was Michelson who got him through this traumatic time and welcomed Harding into their family. When Thomas passed away, Michelson ensured that Harding was there right by his side to pay his last respects to his father who loved him so dearly.

Life Must Go On

There is no information about Sally Michelson’s net worth, but she would be the recipient of Thomas’ wealth. Jay Thomas had a net worth of $3.0 million, which will probably go to Michelson on account of being his legally wedded wife. Messages and tributes are pouring in for Michelson and her children during this difficult time. In her time of grief, our hearts go out to Sally Michelson. May she find strength and courage.