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About Jared Carrabis
Age34 Years
BirthApril 3, 1990 Saugus, Massachusetts
SiblingsJenna Carrabis
ParentsPatrick Carrabis, Ellyn Carrabis
JobWriter, Blogger, Radio Host
AlumniNorth Shore Community College, Endicott College
Works ForBarstool Sports
PodcastsStarting 9, Section 10, Evening Yak

The Boston Red Sox have their sights set on another World Series title as they take on the LA Dodgers on October 23 for Game 1 of the 2018 MLB World Series. One person gaining attention among the thousands of Red Sox fans rooting for them is Jared Carrabis. The Barstool Sports writer, blogger, and biggest Red Sox fan got candid about his love for the team in his recent piece. Our Jared Carrabis wiki lays down the sports writer’s connection with the Red Sox.

He’s Been Writing about the Boston Red Sox Since High School

Jared Carrabis hails from Saugus, Massachusetts, where his family still resides. Born on April 3, 1989, he’s 29 years old. His father, Patrick Carrabis, and mother, Ellyn Carrabis, raised Jared and his sister, Jenna, in a baseball-crazy household that supported the hometown team, the Boston Red Sox.

His parents are regular Red Sox season ticket holders who took their children to home games often. Jared himself saw the team’s home stadium, Fenway Park, for the first time when he was eight years old, and fell in love with the sport.

Jared once had to play for the Yankees in the Saugus American Little League, but his love for the Sox was unwavering. There’s an urban legend that Jared Carrabis even brought a portable radio to his prom so he could listen to the game that night.

According to Ellyn Carrabis, growing up, Jared loved writing and wanted to work for the Sox or a newspaper. When he was 16, Jared started SoxSpace, a MySpace blog dedicated to the Red Sox, on New Year’s Day 2006. In a year, SoxSpace had garnered over 100,000 Red Sox fans when Boston won the 2007 World Series.

The Boston Red Sox are playing for another World Series title in 2018, after winning their last championship in 2013. Ahead of Game 1 on Tuesday, Carrabis published a piece on how the Red Sox shaped his career.

Though he lacked interest in his studies, his parents urged him to go to college at North Shore Community College. Carrabis confessed that high school and college studies were the least of his concerns, so long as he could write for Red Sox Nation.

He attended night school at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, and graduated with a degree in business while working for local newspapers.

Carrabis also published his first book, One Fan’s Story: If This Hat Could Talk, in 2009.  He was just 18 at the time, and it was edited by his English teacher.

He Writes for Barstool Sports

Carrabis’ analysis on the Red Sox was so accurate that he soon became a regular on Boston sports shows. Currently, the Saugus Rocket (as he’s called) is a writer at Barstool Sports, covering the Red Sox and all things baseball.

He worked at the sports and satire media company part-time for two years before becoming a full-time writer there in 2016. But he had known Barstool head honcho, David Portnoy, since 2008, often getting advice from him about running his SoxSpace blog.

They met in person for the first time in 2011, at the New England Blog Awards. Jared gave the moment to Barstool in his speech while accepting an award from Portnoy. “He remembered me when I won best overall sports blog at the 2011 New England Blog Awards, and I said upon receiving the award that the only reason why I won…was because Barstool wasn’t nominated,” said Carrabis.

Jared was paid $500.00 a month while part-timing and supplemented his income working for an SEO firm.

He now hosts Barstool podcasts like Starting 9 and Section 10, which is named after the season ticket seats at Fenway Park he holds. He also co-hosts the Evening Yak on Sirius XM Power 85 and is a paid contributor for Comcast shows.

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A year ago, Carrabis moved from Massachusetts to New York, where Barstool Sports is aiming to turn itself into a national sports media brand.

To become a writer famous among baseball fans, Carrabis sought experience writing in high school and local Saugus newspapers for free. He wrote for eight years without an income, but it was compensated by connecting him to other baseball fans.

Besides his blogs and podcasts, he built his brand on MySpace in the mid-to-late 2000s. He got his first paying job with the New England Baseball Journal in 2012, which turned SoxSpace into a regular column in the magazine. He parted ways with the magazine owing to differing professional opinions.

He then went through a difficult period professionally, particularly during the Red Sox’s low phase in 2012. He even considered giving up writing and joining the Marines.

When the Red Sox won the World Series in 2013, his writing passion was reignited. He resurrected SoxSpace with a new team of writers and started going on shows again. But it was thanks to the attention his then-girlfriend that he landed Barstool Sports.

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His Former Girlfriend Became a Hot Topic

Carrabis’ relationship history is a mystery and there’s no indication of a wife or girlfriend in his life at the moment. However, he does often bring up his “ex-girlfriends” in tweets.

Back in 2014, Carrabis was part of the pre-game ceremony for Red Sox Nation Day at Fenway Park. His unidentified girlfriend at the time was at field level to take pictures of him. Little did they expect that pictures of his girlfriend would become a social media sensation.

Clips of her on the field were featured during the game’s broadcast. Jared’s (now ex) girlfriend created a buzz among Red Sox Nation, who brought it to Barstool Sports’attention.

John Feitelberg, another Barstool Sports writer, blogged a picture of Carrabis’ girlfriend unintentionally. When he found out that she was Jared’s girlfriend, he looked into the young writer.

Feitelberg contacted Carrabis, and they began discussing Carrabis covering the Red Sox for the site. After a few months of tying up loose ends at SoxSpace, Carrabis joined Barstool Sports.

But we, however, never heard of what happened to the girlfriend who got him noticed.

His Sister Works in a State Department

Jared’s father works for a bank and his mother is a jeweler in Saugus. Ellyn is a manager and buyer at Bob’s Discount Jewelry and a merchandiser at Hallmark Cards.

Jared’s parents did more than just get season tickets to push Jared’s career. When Patrick Carrabis drove a young Jared around for his paper route, they’d listen to sports talk radio and pick up topics to discuss in their own talk show simulation. That experience made Jared comfortable to speak on camera or in front of a mic.

Patrick and Ellyn supported their children’s ambitions even though it meant they would have to move farther from home.

While Jared is a media personality, his sister has a thriving career of her own. Jenna Carrabis works for the state of Rhode Island’s Department of Children and Family Services bureau.

Around the time Jared was making a big career move to New York, Jenna was working on getting a master’s degree in homeland security and a degree in cyber security at Salve Regina University in Newport.

He Got David Price to Sign with Boston

Carrabis is known for his biting humor and being fiercely protective of the Red Sox. So when David Price commented on David Ortiz in 2013, Carrabis fired back at the pitcher in a tweet.

What followed was Price blocking Carrabis on Twitter. But in a weird turn of events, these two became BFFs.

Carrabis kept tweeting at Price and the player soon understood that Jared was merely entertaining his Twitter followers and there was no malicious intent. They exchanged tweets for a few years and became fast friends.

When Price entered free agency, Carrabis began campaigning for him to join the Red Sox even before the team did. Carrabis and a $217.0 million contract got David Price playing for Boston, where he’s remained since 2016.

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