Brad Todd (L) and Chuck Todd (R) Credits: Twitter/BradOnMessage and Facebook/chucktodd

MSNBC’s host Chuck Todd feels President Trump may receive bad news before the start of Labor Day weekend. However, Republican strategist Brad Todd has a different take on it. After watching the segment, many wonder if Chuck Todd is Brad Todd’s brother. So, is Brad Todd related to Chuck Todd? Find out here!

In 2013, a Twitter user tweeted to ask if Brad Todd was Chuck Todd’s brother. Brad Todd set the record straight on the platform and replied that they are not at all related. However, many weren’t convinced and thought the Republican strategist was kidding around.

Brad Todd Related to Chuck Todd

Brad Todd’s tweet stating he is not related to Chuck Todd. (Credits: Twitter/bradonmessage)

There’s a possibility that people are asking this question because the two men have the same last name and have similar facial features. Furthermore, both are involved with politics.

Much to people’s dismay, the theories are untrue. The two men are not related to each other.

Who Is Chuck Todd?

Chuck Todd is a television commentator who hosts NBC’s show, Meet the Press. He is also the political director of NBC News and hosts MSNBC’s show, MTP Daily.

When Todd was in college, he was involved with Senator Tom Harkin’s 1992 presidential campaign and worked part-time at National Journal magazine’s newsletter, The Hotline. He has been covering politics since 1992.

Latest Update: On June 4, 2023, Chuck Todd announced his departure from NBC’s Meet the Press. He announced the news at the end of Sunday’s show. His near-decade run as the popular political show’s host and moderator will end in September 2023.

The television journalist will continue to work for the network in a new position as chief political analyst so that he can spend more time with his family. He further told viewers that he will be working on docuseries and docudramas focused on trying to educate the public better, bridge our divides, and pierce our political bubble.

Furthermore, Todd will be succeeded as Meet the Press moderator by NBC News White House correspondent and Weekend Today co-anchor Kristen Welker.

Who Is Brad Todd?

Brad Todd graduated in 1994 from the University of Missouri in Columbia with a Master of Arts in Journalism. Post graduation, Todd was the vice president of National Media Inc.

In 2005, he cofounded OnMessage Inc., a consulting firm, with Wes Anderson and Curt Anderson. The company provides research, development, and media to help clients reach their political goals.

Todd also started Coach to Cure MD with Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) and the American Football Coaches Association to honor his nephew, Joel Poysky, who is fighting a genetic disorder.

He cowrote the book, The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics.

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