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Listen up all you Lindsey Pelas fans, as we the latest update on her! The steaming hot Instagram sensation has always brought a smile to our faces and a little something else. And, Pelas has never let us down when it comes to sharing details about her life! Check out what this voluptuous woman is up to now.

Lindsey Pelas started off as a bartender, and now she’s on top! Along with gaining hundreds of followers with every photo she shares on Instagram, Pelas has also been doing some work off the photo-sharing app. Where was she spotted last? Here’s the lowdown on Lindsey Pelas.

A Babe in Toyland

The super hot model known as Lindsey Pelas can get really this party started! Any party, for that matter.

In all seriousness, Pelas did make the latest Babes in Toyland – Pet Edition fundraising event look like the Oscars!

The 4th Annual Babes in Toyland – Pet Edition event took place on March 21, 2018. Gracing the carpets was Pelas in a black dress that was wicked enough to make the Evil Queen scream!

Pelas has been in the franchise’s association for a long time and she believes in giving back to society, too.

The charity event is all about promoting and helping homeless pets. The entire agenda is to attract the patrons to help animals in need, and they can do it alongside the hottest women on the planet!

The Louisiana-bred, Los Angeles beauty made sure that she had perfect sun-kissed skin (courtesy of Organic Shimmer tanning salon) and was present at the event, wearing the lowest cut little black dress you could dream of!

Lindsey Pelas Cleavage Photos

Photo: Instagram/lindseypelas

Lindsey Pelas on Social Media

The model and body image influencer stays fit as a fiddle. If you head over to Lindsey Pelas’ Instagram page, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Pelas heads off to spinning classes at Aura Cycle in L.A., and she works up a great diet with ingredients purchased for just $20. Talk about staying fit under a budget!

The blonde beauty maintains a pretty healthy lifestyle, too. But there is one downside to having natural 32DDD breasts—back pain!

However, Pelas is working on it and has said that she will not reduce her natural breasts for anything.

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Pelas heavily promotes fitness product brand 1st Phorm on the social media site by showcasing their products in every step of her workout regime.

Heck! For a reported $50,000 a post, anyone would bulk up on that 1stPhorm!

Pelas, who began working in college as a Hooters girl, thought about moving to Los Angeles to explore and travel.

Luck was on her side, and within four days of her moving to the City of Angels, she was approached by Dan Bilzerian!

From then on, a glittering career in the modeling world began. And Lindsey Pelas’ pics are the most-searched on Instagram today.

If you want to keep up to date with Lindsey Pelas, watch this space for everything on the buxom blonde, including bits on the latest from her social media accounts!