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Another exciting and fun-filled episode of Garage Squad will air on Wednesday, October 25, on Velocity. Fans love to tune in to see Heather Storm on Garage Squad, as she is a co-host on the show. If you want to know more about her, then take a look at our Heather Storm wiki.

Garage Squad is a show for those who are obsessed with cars and love the idea of refurbishing old cars and transforming them into cool new rides. The show modifies cars at the request of fans to bring them back on the road.

To fulfill their fans dreams, a team of people use their expertise and tools to transform the cars. The team includes National Hot Rod Association driver Bruno Massel, Joe Zolper, who is a lead mechanic, and co-host Heather Storm.

Now that Garage Squad is in its fourth season, many viewers are curious about Heather Storm. In fact, a lot of viewers are wondering, “Is Heather Storm married?” And why wouldn’t they; she’s an absolute stunner!


If you want to know more about her, then keep reading. We have all the information you need to know in our Heather Storm wiki.

Heather Storm’s Wiki

Storm grew up in Montana in the foothills of Big Snowy Mountains. As of now, there is no information about her childhood. So, it is difficult to determine Heather Storm’s age. But we do know that from a very young age, she was all about nature and adventure, which inspired her to start a mission to protect Mother Earth.


Heather Storm has a degree in Environmental Science. And it looks like she is putting it to good use by being an advocate for sustainable tourism and marine conservation.

Right now, there is no news about Storm being married or in a relationship. So, it could be a possibility that she is single and concentrating on her career. Or maybe she just prefers to be private about her dating life!

Heather Storm’s Professional Career

The TV personality has plenty to boast about when it comes to her professional life. First off, Storm invested a lot of effort in designing “eco-conscious” toolkits for the Caribbean Hotel Association. She is also a scuba rescue diver and has helped with safeguarding the queen conch population across the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Storm is obsessed with nature. She’s been on treks to almost every important continent and has traveled to more than 20 countries. She travels between Chicago and Los Angeles when she’s is not filming or keeping herself busy.

The Garage Squad co-host also believes in keeping herself fit. So, she decided to become a certified fitness trainer.

Storm likes to share her knowledge and adventures on her blog, which is extremely helpful, as she recommends accommodations, places to explore, and shares original healthy recipes. She also posts a lot of her adventures on social media so you can have a look at Heather Storm’s Instagram account to take a peek at her life or to check out some of Heather Storm’s hot pics. There’s plenty!

Besides co-hosting a show, Storm is also a businesswoman and has a lot of wisdom to share on marketing. She is an expert when it comes to fine wine, cuisine, and hospitality. She is the co-founder and CEO of Black LAB, which is a boutique eco-event company for the hospitality industry.


The “About Us” section on Black LAB’s website states: “Our innovative thinking and taste for all things excellent set us apart from your average hospitality company. At Black LAB we only strive for excellence and use our refined creativity to deliver perfection. We treat our clients and employees with respect and value the relationships we build. We have produced bars and events for numerous restaurants, brands & celebrities; including, the Lance Bass + Michael Turchin wedding which made history as the first same sex marriage covered by network television.”

Heather Storm on Garage Squad

As mentioned earlier, Storm is a co-host on the show. The squad works around the clock to refurbish cars and witness the sweet and emotional reunion of the owner with their vehicle.

Velocity’s website states“Across America cherished vintage cars lay abandoned in driveways and garages because their owners lack the time, resources, or simple knowledge of how to get their autos back on the road. Amateur mechanics always start with the best intentions when acquiring a treasured car, planning to return it to its former glory. Unfortunately, along the way, many weekend mechanics get in over their heads under the hood and are forced to put their beloved projects on hold. The Garage Squad helps “project car” owners turn their half-done duds into ultimate dream cars.

Heather Storm’s Acting Career

Besides being a co-host on Garage Squad, Storm has also appeared on other TV series such as Tosh.0, 1000 Ways to Die, Surviving Disaster, and Manswers. She was the host of the shows, Street Tuner Challenge and Gamers, and has hosted and co-hosted over 20 other shows.

Storm also tried her hand at acting and appeared in several films such as Axiom, Arisan Brondong, Nail Demon, No Bad Days, Dead and Floating in Three Rivers, Rush Hour 3, Epic Movie, Always a First Time, and Dorm Daze 2. She has also appeared in many commercials.

How Storm Like to Spend Her Free Time?

In an interview, when Storm was asked what she likes to do in her downtime, she revealed, “If I have enough down time, I like to schedule a vacation or even weekend getaway so I can totally decompress and re-energize. On a daily basis, I like to get outside in nature and I feel great after a nice run through Griffith Park or along Lake Michigan. I also love to explore the culture of the city, new restaurants, classic bars, art galleries and museums.”

Garage Squad is all set to air tonight on Velocity at 10:00 p.m. EST. Don’t miss out on the latest exciting episode!

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