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Though Beena Minhaj has been avoiding publicity in the wake of her husband Hasan Minhaj’s success, people want to know more about her. She is a highly educated woman, who has tirelessly worked for the homeless during her professional life. She is also artistic and has designed the couple’s stunning apartment in New York City.

Ever since comedian Hasan Minhaj spoke at the White House Correspondents’ dinner, interest in him has spiked. People want to know more about him, and the spotlight has now fallen on his personal life. Many are especially interested in learning more about Hasan Minhaj’s wife, Beena Minhaj, whom he met in college. Beena has kept a low profile so there is very little information available on her, but we have managed to scrape together what we know of her in our Beena Minhaj wiki.

She’s an Educated Lady

Beena Minhaj is a very educated woman. She and Hasan met at the University of California, Los Angeles and became college sweethearts before getting married in 2014. Beena earned a Doctorate in medical administration, and she works for non-profit organizations. Hasan confessed that he was a very different person before he met Beena.

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A Rapid Change of Scenery

“Beena and I didn’t move in together until we got married. We kept it very traditional —Mom, Dad, if you’re reading this— so I had to evolve very quickly. I went from Scarface photos to family photos. I’d never had throw pillows in my life, but I’ve now become accustomed to them. And I will say that scented candles are really nice,” Hassan said about how his life has changed since tying the knot.

An Idealistic and Dedicated Professional

According to the CEP website, “Beena Patel, DrPH, MPH strives to improve the quality of care and delivery through patient-centered innovations. She is a recent graduate of the Health Policy and Management Ph.D. program at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her dissertation on the implementation of the West Los Angeles HPACT has been recognized nationally and replicated as a best practice across the country. She continues to be an active researcher, and her work is dedicated to the heroes of our nation who find themselves homeless in an effort to give them a voice.”

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A Private Person

Beena is a bit of an interior decorator as well, which was seen when the couple moved from Los Angeles to New York City. There is not much information on Beena’s age or family, but with Hasan becoming more famous by the day, we might find out more soon. She is a very private person and not very active on social media, unlike her husband. Beena Minhaj’s Instagram account is private, so we cannot see more of her pics. She is the silent force behind Hasan Minhaj and the person who provides him with stability and direction.