Hallmark Channel’s “Road to Christmas”. Credits: ©2018 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ryan Plummer

We know you’re still riding the Halloween high, but it’s time to look ahead toward the coming holidays. The Hallmark Channel is already overflowing with the Christmas spirit with a Countdown to Christmas 2018. Hallmark is on the Road to Christmas this Sunday, November 4, at 8:00 p.m. EST, and this movie is even more special because of its cast. One Tree Hill fans, get ready for the Christmas feels. We’ve got the cast and plot of Hallmark Movies’ Road to Christmas.

Road to Christmas Plot

Our leading lady is Maggie Baker, a rising TV producer in Los Angeles. She is tasked with producing the Christmas special Julia Wise Lifestylehosted by the popular TV personality, Julia Wise.

To help make the show succeed, Maggie declares that the Christmas special will be live. This makes Julia nervous, so she calls on her son, Danny, to help.

Danny Wise is also a TV producer, and Maggie’s rival. He used to be a producer on his mom’s show and is brought in to keep the essence of Julia Wise Lifestyle.

This, of course, means that the two rival producers will have to work together. Maggie and Danny start off on a bad note. Each tries to get the other to accept their visions for the show.

Maggie and Danny then set off on a cross-country road trip to record segments that would feature on the show. Along the way, they learn to trust each other’s skills, rely on the other, and fall in love (obvs!)

But it’s not going to be so easy, is it?

Maggie has a profound affection for her boss, Julia, and wants to do something special for her beyond making the show successful.

She finds out during their road trip that Julia has two adopted sons besides Danny. Maggie comes up with the idea to reunite the three Wise boys on Julia’s show, but things don’t go as planned.

That’s going to be a glitch in Danny and Maggie’s love story. But this is Hallmark. Families always come together and all love stories have a happily ever after in this Christmas universe.

If you thought this was another Hallmark movie where the romantic leads who are at loggerheads are forced to work with each other and fall in love, you’re right. But this will be worth your time when you check out the cast.

Road to Christmas Cast

Jessy Schram

Character: Maggie Baker


Jessy Schram is to Hallmark Movies as Mariah Carey is to Christmas music. Her resume boasts a laundry list of Hallmark classics, including the series of Jane Doe mystery flicks. In 2017, she starred in the network’s Royal New Year’s Eve and The Birthday Wish.

Elsewhere, she’s had recurring roles on Nashville and The Lizzie Borden Chronicles. Fans also probably remember her from when she put a dark spin on Cinderella in ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

Schram returns to her Hallmark home in Road to Christmas. 

Chad Michael Murray

Character: Danny Wise


Christmas is coming early for OTH fans! Chad Michael Murray, aka Lucas, is on Hallmark. Murray plays Danny Wise, Maggie’s rival-turned-love interest.

Murray was undoubtedly the biggest heartthrob of the early 2000s with Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill. He also became the stuff of teenage dreams in movies like Freaky Friday and A Cinderella Story. He later starred in the critically acclaimed Fruitvale Station, and was most recently seen on Fox’s Star.

This won’t be Murray’s first foray into the Hallmark genre of romance. He starred alongside Minka Kelly and Andie MacDowell in The Beach House, which premiered in April 2018.

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