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Actress Evangeline Lilly is an educated, smart, and beautiful woman who helps out the underprivileged as much as possible. She is a role model for young girls and everything she has achieved has been through honest hard work. Her refusal to let stardom affect her lifestyle makes her accessible and sensitive, not to mention modest. She exceptionally beautiful and as she gears up for her upcoming role as “The Wasp” in Marvel’s Ant-man sequel, many are taking notice of the hottie she truly is. Take a look at these 10 pictures of Evangeline Lilly that will definitely make your heart race!

Evangeline Lilly is an inspiration for many and she’s worked hard to get to where she is today. The actress can now pick and choose her roles, which is a far cry from when she started out about 17 years ago. Lilly is an actress and author who spends most of her time these days working. She was born in Fort Saskatchewan in Alberta, Canada, but was raised in British Columbia. Lilly was a high achiever from a young age; she played soccer for her school team and was the vice-president of the student council. At that time, she never thought that she would one day become a sought after actress with people searching everywhere for Evangeline Lilly’s hot pics! Now that she’s in demand, we have found a few of the best Evangeline Lilly Instagram pics! Check them out below!

The Price of Education

Lilly always understood the value of education and worked hard to support herself when she was in college, where she studied international relations at the University of British Columbia. To pay for her schooling, she worked as a waitress, did oil changes and grease jobs on big rig trucks, and worked as a flight attendant for Royal Airlines. Talk about a “Jill of all Trades!” She even went to the Philippines when she was 18 for a three-week mission trip that greatly influenced her.

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Lost & Found

Lilly’s breakout role was as Kate Austen in the popular TV show Lost, from 2004 to 2010. She was described by many critics as being the best thing about the show. TV Guide voted her the Sexiest Woman on Television, and she was among the 50 Most Beautiful People by People. When Lost ended, she considered taking a break from acting saying, “I consider acting a day job —it’s not my dream; it’s not my be-all, end-all.” Lilly uses her high profile image and considerable power to further her humanitarian causes.

New Age Woman

With Lilly being such a beautiful woman, her fans are always searching for Evangeline Lilly’s sexy bikini pics. They should head over to her Instagram account which has the actress in different outfits, cooking, meeting people, hanging out with her friends, and participating in her humanitarian causes. Lilly is a true beauty with brains and she is a very kind-hearted woman. With a fantastic career in Hollywood and a mind full of creative ideas, Evangeline Lilly is a new age woman who inspires others.

1) Caged Beauty

#tbt to when I lived in cages w @officialjoshholloway. #lost #kateausten #cages #sawyer #youtastelikestrawberries

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2) Digging by the Sea

3) The Wild Look

#fbf Three months pregnant with my first baby, doing this shoot for #LOreal.

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4) If Looks Could Kill

5) Hello, Beautiful Lady!

It’s rare, but sometimes #photoshoots work out. ????

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6) Music to Her Ears

Great #workout today. Thinking of starting a #lifestyle blog about overall health and fitness. Would anybody read it???? ????????????

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7) Oops! Wardrobe Malfunction

…When you’re feeling #cheeky. ????

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8) Got My Eyes on You

Bring #romance back this #weekend xoxo #flashbackfriday

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9) Speaking Her Mind

#RockAgainstTheTPP #emcee #concert #nofilter

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10) Skirting the Issue