Mayoral candidate Rob Ford looks over to his two major rivals as he talks during the Black Canadian Mayoral Forum debate hosted by the Diversity Advancement Network at the Novotel Hotel. (David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

In one of the biggest political scandals to hit Canada, a video was finally released showcasing the late former mayor Rob Ford, allegedly smoking crack cocaine. Convicted drug trafficker, Elena Basso is allegedly talking to him in the video, although her face is not visible. For those who are searching for terms like, “Elena Basso wiki,” “Rob Ford crack video,” “Rob Ford crack video released,” “Rob Ford smoking crack,” “Elena Basso Rob Ford,” “Elena Basso Toronto,” you’ve come to the right place because we’ll tell you everything you want to know about the infamous video that was finally released to the public.

The Infamous Video

The mobile video of the deceased former Toronto Mayor can now be viewed online. It was shot in February 2013 and was released to the public on Thursday, Aug 11 2016, after being previously banned by the courts of law. Ford’s friend and former driver, Alexander (Sandro) Lisi, had been charged with allegedly attempting to extort now convicted gang member, Liban Siyad, to retrieve the cellphone clip. In 2014, Ford was first caught allegedly smoking crack on camera in Elena Basso’s basement. The video was recovered from a laptop during a gun and drug raid, and the ban on its publication was recently lifted by prosecutors.

What is Rob Ford Doing in the Video?

In the video, Rob Ford is allegedly seen lighting up a crack pipe. He seems to be conversing with Elena Basso, who is off-camera during the entire video. News of the video’s existence was first published by media outlets like the Star and Gawker in 2013 and quickly became a much-discussed subject on several talk shows. Initially, Ford vehemently denied the existence of the video, in which he was visibly belligerent and mumbling abusive terms. The politician slammed Canada’s current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling him a “fat d**k,” but didn’t realize that he was being filmed. Ford later stated that he could not comment on a video that he had never seen, or did not exist. However, he admitted to smoking crack several months later, in a “drunken stupor.” After reports of the video had surfaced, Ford checked himself into rehab for two months and resumed his work and campaigning. Ford passed away in March 2016 after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Who is Elena Basso?

The question on everyone’s minds is, “Who is Elena Basso?” and what does she have to do with all of this. Well, the 51-year-old is a convicted drug trafficker, who is audible in the conversation taking place in the video. The house she lives in at 15 Windsor Road with her brother Fabio Basso, belongs to her mother, Lina Basso. The drug dealer also has a conviction for prostitution, and her brother Fabio was an old friend of Ford’s.

The dirty brick house has been described as a “crack house” by the police, where Ford was photographed with murder victim, Anthony Smith, and two other gang members, who were subsequently arrested during the Project Traveller Raids. The two gang members identified as Muhammad Khattak and Monir Kassim were charged in the guns and gangs raid.

It has been speculated that Ford paid the utility bills for the crack house in the Etobicoke suburbs. Court documents refer to the bungalow as a “crack house” or “trap house” which are the terms often used when referring to a house where crack, cocaine, and other drugs are found. The people who were eventually convicted on the drugs and guns charges included the man who had shot the video, Mohamed Siad. He also released a separate video showing off about, “how to catch your f*****g mayor smoking crack.”

Complete Video Transcript

In a transcript of the video prepared by The Crown, Ford is allegedly chatting with drug dealer, Elena Basso, about coaching his high school’s football team and slamming Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. He also insinuates the notion that he is a right-wing radical.

Rob FORD: (Inaudible).

Elena BASSO: That’s why he wants to be involved in everything —

FORD: — I know (inaudible) —

BASSO: — he wants to fight everybody’s battles —

FORD: — (inaudible) —

BASSO: — and, and, it’s going to, excuse me, kill you.

FORD: (Inaudible) kill f**kin’ —

BASSO: — don’t do it.

FORD: The kids (inaudible) —

BASSO: — the kids are important to you —

FORD: — yeah —

BASSO: — that’s, that’s, that’s what drives you, baby, that’s what I love.

FORD: (Inaudible)

BASSO: That’s why we love you.

FORD: (Inaudible).

BASSO: Okay.

FORD: I don’t know (inaudible) Kathy —

BASO: — your children, your family, your kids —

FORD: — (inaudible) —

BASSO: — your f**kin’ footballers —

FORD: — (inaudible) —

BASSO: — your, your kids that play football, that’s what drives you.  Family, kids —

FORD: — f**k (inaudible) the minorities dude —

BASSO: — f**kin’ —

FORD: — and I’m right wing. I f**kin’ take these kids under my wing —

BASSO: — you’re right wing?

FORD: No they say I’m this right wing —

BASSO: — oh yeah —

FORD: — radical f**kin’ guy —

BASSO: — Oh yeah, sure, sure, sure —

FORD: — yeah I’m (inaudible) —

BASSO: — yeah sure, oh yeah.

FORD: (Inaudible) —

BASSO: — then what the f**k is the Liberals then?

FORD: (Inaudible) Liban, Liban (inaudible).

BASSO: (Inaudible) Trudeau right there, I’d like, I’d like to get that f**kin’ Justin Trudeau and shove my foot as far up his ass —

FORD: — (inaudible) —

BASSO: — ’cause I’m sure it goes real far —

FORD: — (inaudible) —

BASSO: —I’m sure my f**kin’ he’ll tickle his f**kin’ nose hairs with my foot —

FORD: — (inaudible) —

BASSO: — up his ass ’cause he’s such a f**kin’ shit digger, man —

FORD: — (inaudible) fat d**k —

BASSO: — I hate Trudeau, man.

FORD: — (inaudible) —

BASSO: — f**kin’ bulls**t.

FORD: — (inaudible) f**kin’ on, bro.


FORD: I don’t know if that camera’s not on (inaudible).


UNKNOWN MALE: — hold on, hold on —

BASSO: — it’s night.

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