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About Maggie Badock
Age28 Years
BirthSeptember 15, 1995 St. Louis, Missouri
SiblingsSean Badock, Tim Badock, Bryan Badock, Katy (Step-sister)
ParentsMichele Oswald
AlumniUniversity of Missouri

Devin Williams is one of the Milwaukee Brewers’ top pitchers and a crucial team member. He’s loved baseball ever since he was a kid, and his girlfriend, Maggie Badock, is just as passionate about it as she grew up in a household of sports lovers. Devin Williams’ girlfriend is frequently seen cheering for him in the stands, but little is known about the MLB player’s dating life. So, we reveal more about her in this Maggie Badock wiki.

Maggie Badock’s Family

Margaret “Maggie” Marie Badock was born on September 15, 1995, to Michele Oswald in St. Louis, Missouri. When she was about seven years old, her mom separated from her first husband and married Todd Oswald in 2004.

Her siblings are Sean Badock, Tim Badock, and Bryan Badock. Growing up with three brothers, Devin Williams’ girlfriend considered herself a tomboy and was overjoyed to have someone with whom she could play baseball.

On the whole, the blended family enjoys many other outdoor activities like running.


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Badock’s step-sister, Katy Oswald, was born in 2005. At age three, she was diagnosed with partial deletion of chromosome 6, a disorder that is so rare that it lacks a name.

However, Katy has come a long way in the past 18 years. She used to be unable to stand up, but now she can walk for brief distances. She picked up language skills independently with the aid of an iPad and a communications app, and these skills are still developing.

Maggie Badock’s Education and Career

Maggie Badock graduated with a degree in education from the University of Missouri. However, her current employment status is still unknown.

Maggie Badock and Devin Williams’ Relationship

It is unclear how Badock and Williams started dating. But given that they are both alums of the University of Missouri, this is likely where they first ran into each other.

In November 2016, Devin Williams’ girlfriend shared the first post about him and said, “1 year, (kinda) 😘”

Meanwhile, the MLB star responded, “I love you, babe.”

Her social media post suggests that the couple has been dating since 2015.

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Badock has been with Williams through thick and thin. She also went to the All-Star Red Carpet Show with him in 2022. And the pitcher considers Badock his biggest supporter and rock.

In 2018, Williams took to social media and said, “Everything’s better with you here.”