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While radio has been a constant source to maintain Danny Bonaduce’s net worth, other avenues maintained his income. With David Cassidy’s death, his loyal friend is back in the news. Read more about him in Danny Bonaduce’s wiki.

“Husband. Father. Madman. Radio God. Think Conan O’Brien, but shorter & yells more.” That’s how Danny Bonaduce describes himself on Twitter. David Cassidy’s friend is an actor as well as radio and television host. Read all about the celebrity’s accomplishments and career, including Danny Bonaduce’s net worth, right here

Danny Bonaduce’s Childhood

Born on August 13, 1959, Danny Bonaduce’s age is 58. His father was Joseph Bonaduce, a television writer and producer.

At a very early age, Bonaduce suffered in terms of belonging to a dysfunctional family and having an abusive father. His mother allegedly tried her best to intervene and keep him away from the physical and emotional abuse, but her efforts were futile.

Danny Bonaduce’s Career

The Partridge Family gave Bonaduce instant recognition. He played Danny Partridge and was a part of the musically-inclined family.

In 2003, the Young Artist Association awarded Bonaduce with its Former Child Star Lifetime Achievement award for his role in the show. Danny Bonaduce’s The Partridge Family stint is still fondly remembered by many.

Danny Bonaduce’s 2017 net worth is approximately $3.0 million. A majority of his wealth is due to his stints on radio and television. He is also a boxer and wrestler who did many charitable matches for humanitarian causes.

Bonaduce also has a history of drug abuse and being shelterless. He was married twice before he tied the knot with Amy Railsback.

Danny Bonaduce’s Twitter

In a very emotional tweet on November 19, Bonaduce wrote, “I’m a big believer in the power of prayers. Please keep my brother David Cassidy in yours. Thanks for all the love and support.”

Fans of both Danny Bonaduce and David Cassidy came forward to reply to this message, which spoke volumes about the grief he felt at the loss of his friend.

In another emotional interview, Bonaduce discussed the struggle that Cassidy went through while battling dementia. It is commendable to see two actors maintain a brotherly bond even after so many years of working together.