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An era is coming to a close in Detroit’s broadcast scene. Dave LewAllen is retiring from WXYZ 7 Action News and the broadcasting industry in April 2023 after an illustrious career spanning four decades. The station’s lineup of anchors has been undergoing changes in recent weeks when Dave LewAllen announced his retirement. Since then, Motor City residents have been curious about what’s next for the veteran broadcaster and who will be filling in his shoes. So read on for all the details about Dave LewAllen’s retirement.

Dave LewAllen Does His Final Evening Newscast

Dave LewAllen graduated from Central Michigan University in 1979 with a BA in Journalism. Initially, he began his broadcasting career in radio, covering sports.

He worked in Detroit and later in Ontario, Canada. When he returned to Detroit, LewAllen joined WJBK FOX 2 as a sports reporter and anchor for four years.

Dave LewAllen has been a part of the team at WXYZ-TV’s 7 Action News since 1988. And he’s been the face of the station for 35 years.

Until 2001, he was the biggest name in Michigan’s sports media. LewAllen made a successful and full-time transition to general news since, but his 14-year segment, Sports Update, remains one of his most memorable works.

In January 2023, the veteran anchor announced on air that he is stepping into the next chapter of his life. Sadly, Dave LewAllen is retiring from WXYZ 7 Action News in April.

“This is the TV news station I grew up watching. It’s the one station I really wanted to work for in this business. And I’ve been truly blessed to spend the majority of my career here. But the time is right for a next chapter,” he said on the air back in January.

His colleagues summed up everyone’s emotions with their heartfelt words back then. Meteorologist Dave Rexroth also joked that they were very angry that the multi-Emmy Award-winning news anchor was leaving them.

Emotions similarly ran high when Dave LewAllen did his final 11:00 p.m. newscast on April 12. His colleagues like Alicia Smith and Carolyn Clifford were sentimental about sharing the news desk with him one last time.

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However, WXYZ viewers still have one more final newscast with LewAllen. He will be on the 6:00 p.m. news on April 13 before signing off for the last time.