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It’s going to be sunny, with a chance of Baby Witham soon! Last year, CBS Baltimore’s Meg McNamara Witham announced she was expecting her first child and has been doing regular weathercasts throughout her pregnancy. But the weather anchor has been MIA recently, which led some to wonder what happened to Meg McNamara of WJZ-TV and if she had the baby already. Read on to find out what Meg McNamara said about her absence from CBS Baltimore.

Meg McNamara Goes on Maternity Leave

Loyola Marymount graduate Meg McNamara began her broadcasting career in 2012, working in Idaho and Florida markets before heading to Baltimore, Maryland. She has been the weather anchor at WJZ-TV since 2017.

CBS Baltimore viewers got a glimpse into McNamara’s relationship with Dr. Timothy Witham. He is a surgeon affiliated with Johns Hopkins and a professor of neurosurgery.

Dr. Witham has two grown sons, Ben and Andrew, from a previous relationship. Both boys have had occasional appearances on McNamara’s social media.

McNamara and Witham married on January 30, 2021. And in November 2022, the couple announced they were expecting their first child.

But the weather anchor has been absent from the newscasts over the last few days. And now, some CBS Baltimore viewers are wondering what happened to Meg McNamara of WJZ-TV.

On April 9, McNamara announced on social media that she started maternity leave that day. Opening Day for the Baltimore Orioles on April 7 was supposed to be her last day at work. However, she was sick that day and missed it.

McNamara was dismayed she couldn’t say “goodbye and see you soon” to her colleagues before going on maternity leave or make the announcement on air either. That’s why some have been questioning her absence and if she had the baby already.

The weather anchor promised to let her followers know when Baby Witham makes a debut. But she hopes it’s not earlier than expected “because I still have quite a bit to do before his arrival! I know you’re shocked by this.”

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CBS Baltimore viewers wish McNamara well on the coming baby. So, for those on baby watch, be sure to keep an on her social media!

Update: Meg McNamara gave birth to her son, Cannon Theodore “Teddy” Witham arrived April 19, 2023. She announced it about ten days later on Instagram. She has since celebrated her first Mother’s Day with Teddy and Teddy also got in on the fun at his big brother, Andrew’s senior prom.