Aja Metoyer is a reality star who got her big break after giving birth to NBA player, Dwayne Wade’s child. Before Wade, she had children with comedian and New Girl actor, Damon Wayans Jr.

If someone lands a spot on the explosive reality show Basketball Wives, you know the person has a flair for drama. When the VH1 show returned last month with a reshuffled cast, Aja Metoyer was one of them. She’s technically not a basketball wife, but she does have a child with an NBA athlete. Metoyer is also Damon Wayans Jr.’s baby mama. So yeah, that’s drama galore. Here’s what you need to know about Aja Metoyer.

#1. Childhood Sweethearts No More

Damon Wayans Jr., the son of Damon Wayans who currently stars in the Lethal Weapon TV reboot, comes from the Wayans family that boasts some amazing comedic and acting genes. He hasn’t been married, but is a father to two beautiful little girls. Their mother is Aja Metoyer.

Wayans Jr. and Metoyer were reportedly childhood sweethearts and dated for a while. They have two daughters who have been kept out of the public eye as much as possible. Even their names and ages have not been revealed. The girls are often seen with their father and grandfather.


The reason for their separation has not be disclosed. From the looks of it, Wayans is the primary guardian of the girls.

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#2. Did Metoyer Have an Affair?

Without information provided, people have come to speculate that the breakup was because Metoyer was cheating on the actor. Around that time, reports of Chicago Bulls player, Dwayne Wade having another child while he was on a “break” from his then-girlfriend, Gabrielle Union surfaced.

The woman’s identity was revealed to be Aja Metoyer. She gave birth to their son, Xavier Zechariah Wade. The moment her identity was released, Metoyer went off the radar, ceasing all activity on Twitter and Instagram. Some digging around were able to reveal that she had been a longtime friend of Wade and even Union knew about her.

Wayans Jr. didn’t have a thing to say about the alleged affair. When asked about the mother of his children having another child with Wade, he expressed his wish for the publicity to stay clear of his daughters. Things don’t seem tense between Wayans Jr. and Metoyer, as he said the girls love their little brother.

#3. Metoyer is Not a Basketball Wife

Dwayne Wade has two children from his first wife and he’s now married to Gabrielle Union. Just like Damon Wayans Jr., the Being Mary Jane star had no hard feelings about the Metoyer-Wade drama. The couple were on a break at the time and worked on their issues privately. Around six weeks after Aja Metoyer gave birth to little Xavier, Wade proposed to Union.


They got married in August 2014 in an intimate ceremony. As for Metoyer and his son, Wade called the child a “blessing” and said he was moving on. It’s not known whether Wade supports Metoyer and his son financially, but she’s raising Xavier by herself. Wade has a hectic schedule but he visits his son when his team is in Los Angeles, where Metoyer lives.

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#4. Metoyer’s Family is Her Rival

With her personal drama, Metoyer has all the makings of a reality star. That’s why it’s no surprise that she was cast in the VH1 reality show, Basketball Wives season 6. Her casting raised a few eyebrows especially with outspoken talk show host, Wendy Williams. But Wade and Union have kept their distance from the reality drama.

Aja Metoyer’s appearance on the show would follow her daily life. She said in an introductory video that she’s working 24/7 to provide for her kids because, “Ultimately, family is all you have. If everything went to s**t and it was the end of the world all you’re going to have is your kids.”

But what she didn’t expect was to be up against her own family! Metoyer’s sisters, Melissa and Cristen, are also on the show courtesy of Aja. She didn’t think her sisters “were going to act crazy.” So, it looks like things might be pretty strained between the Metoyer sisters. Either way, it promises some entertainment!


Basketball Wives airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on VH1.

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