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Crystal Gutierrez has been delivering the news to Albuquerque residents and is a source of inspiration as a mom and journalist. But now, the veteran journalist is stepping back from her broadcasting home for over a decade. Crystal Gutierrez is leaving KRQE News 13 in 2022 for a new opportunity. News 13 viewers naturally want to know where she is going and if she will return to the news desk soon. They especially want to know if she is saying goodbye to Albuquerque, too. Although it may be too soon to say it’s a retirement, here’s what Crystal Gutierrez said about leaving KRQE-TV.

Crystal Gutierrez Exits KRQE-TV

Crystal Gutierrez is a native of New Mexico and grew up in Socorro. She received a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from New Mexico University before beginning her career at a station in Texas.

In 2008, she returned to New Mexico and joined the team at KRQE News 13. Until recently, Albuquerque residents started their mornings with the anchor.

Gutierrez has interviewed Buzz Aldrin and covered presidential elections, but it’s her coverage of the illegal immigration debate and cartel violence that earned her much recognition. Her stories on pediatric cancer shaped her as an advocate and moved her followers.

They’ve also seen her balance work with life as a single mom, then get married and build a blended family. Several of her colleagues also credit her as a mentor.

But after 14 years, Gutierrez is now stepping away from KRQE. She announced it on social media before her last day on the air on October 26.

Gutierrez is aware that her long-time viewers have questions. However, she stated she would answer them in the near future.

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KRQE News 13 viewers can rest assured that Crystal Gutierrez has not indicated this means retirement. And the anchor hasn’t implied she is leaving Albuquerque either and is possibly staying in the city. So we’ll have to keep an eye on her social media to find out where she is going next.