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After meteorologist Clay Ostarly announced on social media that he would reveal some big news at the month’s end, his viewers eagerly awaited the announcement. And now the Omaha meteorologist has announced he is leaving Gray Television for an exciting career opportunity. His regular viewers naturally want to know where the chief meteorologist is going and if the new opportunity will also take him away from Omaha. Find out what Clay Ostarly said about leaving Gray Television and where he is now.

Clay Ostarly Exits Gray Television

Clay Ostarly was born and raised in New Orleans. He claims that his love for weather began when he was young, on May 8, 1995.

On that day, South Louisiana was hit by a catastrophic rain event that dropped approximately 20 inches of rain in less than 48 hours. Much flooding occurred in Ostarly’s area because of the rain. As a result, the flooding made him a dedicated viewer of the weather channel.

This is what ultimately led him to pursue a career in meteorology. Clay Ostarly graduated in atmospheric sciences from the University of Louisiana-Monroe in 2011. Before that, he was an intern at KNOE 8 News and became their weekend meteorologist from 2010 to 2013.

In 2013, Ostarly joined KSLA News 12 and subsequently joined WFXR News in 2017. The meteorologist joined WOWT NBC in Omaha in 2019, where he was a midday meteorologist and a morning traffic reporter.

In February 2022, Ostarly moved to the parent company of WOWT, Gray Media, and became the chief meteorologist for their streaming service, Local News Live.

However, his broadcasting career has come to an end now after 12 successful years. But still, Ostarly will continue to forecast the weather. He and his good friend, Stephen Parr, founded Storm Guides, where people can directly talk with the meteorologist about the weather.

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People can directly send an email to Clay Ostarly to get customized forecasts. And the good thing is that he doesn’t need to leave Omaha for this new opportunity.