Bibiana Julian, The Bachelor contestant, has already spiced things up for Bachelor Nation after her fight with Krystal! But why are these two feuding? Well, obviously because of handsome hunk, Arie Luyendyk Jr.! Meanwhile, Becca K. received the most beautiful date in the history of the franchise, and we have all the juicy details for you, right here!

The Bachelor season 22 surprised fans yet again with their curveballs! We knew some women would have a catfight at some point, but this soon into the season?

Nonetheless, Bibiana and Krystal broke the ice and made way for some early drama. But will it soon fizzle out?

Fight Night

The women were all ready for date night with Arie Luyendyk Jr. But it was “Krystal” clear who was determined to get him to herself!

While Arie was chatting away with the women, Krystal (who already had a rose) kept interrupting the conversations. She told cameras that she understood already having a rose, but that it was important to see him and keep the spark alive, as she hadn’t seen him in days. Many of the girls felt her constant interrupting to be aggressive. But maybe no one more than Bibiana, though!

Everything seemed to be about Krystal, until Bibiana lost it! She reached her boiling point when Krystal interrupted her time with Arie and had no problem calling her out on it. She claimed she had only two minutes with Arie, and Krystal sabotaged it all.

“Honestly, I think that when you learn to speak to me like a normal human being and not with a fake tone, then I can actually respect you and listen to what you have to say,” Bibiana told Krystal, who didn’t seem the least bit affected about ruining other dates.

Bibiana’s Instagram account shows off some very hot bikini-clad pics of the beauty. If you were wondering about her background, then you ought to check her out!

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Royalty for a Day

Arie Luyendyk Jr. is our handsome bachelor for this very classy and glamorous season, and with that comes a lot of insecurities. The ladies are all doing their best to win his heart. But at the end of it all, just one lucky woman will go home happy and in love with Arie.

In last night’s episode, Becca K. had the most indulgent date! Arie picked her up on a motorcycle and drove her to fashion heaven, where celebrity designer Rachel Zoe was waiting for the couple at a stone villa—with the best collections from her brand!

It was pretty obvious that Arie wanted to surprise and spoil his date with some luxury items—and he certainly did! It was every girl’s dream date. Then, the Rachel Zoe fashion show began, with only one love-struck supermodel—Becca K.! One after another, she tried on some very classy gowns for Arie, while he drank champagne and ate treats.

Becca twirled and swirled, and we’re sure she felt like nothing less than a princess! Later in the evening, Arie watched his date stroll out in one of the mind-blowing dresses and was impressed by how calm she was. Not to mention, she looked ravishing in every exclusive piece!

It doesn’t end there! Arie even surprised her with Neil Lane jewelry—a briefcase full of them! He then got her an adorable pair of Christian Louboutins to keep and wear for her date with her Prince Charming.

The All-Intimidating Meet with the Parents

The next big thing in the second week was the family meet. Yes, we know it feels like the finale since hometown visits don’t usually come this early, but it’s Arie Luyendyk Jr. we’re talking about! He’s clearly looking for wifey material.

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He’s from Scottsdale, Arizona, and the lucky woman who got to meet his parents in the second episode was mansion vamp, Krystal. While many women sat there wondering what made Arie pick her to meet his parents, he took Krystal to his house. She spoke to his parents about various things like when and where they met, and other cutesy stuff.

It seems as though things might just work out between the two!

Whose Hearts Did Arie Luyendyk Jr. Break?

Although it seemed like everything was about Krystal and her villainous behavior, it was all over too soon for three women.

Valarie, Jenny, and Lauren G. were sent home. Meanwhile, The Bachelor contestants Jacqueline, Maquel, Bekah M., Chelsea, Brittany, Lauren S., Annaliese, Tia, Lauren B., Caroline Ashley, Marikh, Jenna, Bibiana, and Kendall were all given roses and a chance to fall in love with Arie.

How will the 18 remaining beauties fight it out for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s heart? Watch The Bachelor season 22 at 8:00 p.m. EST only on ABC to find out!