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The people of Dayton, Ohio, welcomed meteorologist Austin Chaney with open arms when he joined WHIO-TV. He became their favorite meteorologist in a very short period. But now, Austin Chaney is leaving WHIO-TV for an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. Since the announcement, his viewers have also been curious to know if Austin is leaving Dayton. Find out what Austin Chaney said about his departure from WHIO-TV.

Austin Chaney’s Education and Career

Growing up northeast of Atlanta sparked Austin Chaney’s interest in the weather. He experienced everything from rain, severe thunderstorms, and summertime heat to ice storms.

As a result, Chaney graduated with a degree in atmospheric sciences and geography from the University of Georgia in 2019. Before graduating, he gained work experience as an intern with WSB-TV in Atlanta.

After his internship of four months, Chaney landed a job at 13WMAZ in Macon, Georgia. While there, he covered Hurricane Michael, a tornado outbreak in March 2019, flooding in the spring of 2020, and several other meteorological occurrences. He is also an AMS-certified broadcast meteorologist.

In June 2021, Chaney got the chance to move to Ohio and experience four proper seasons when he joined WHIO-TV in Dayton.

Austin Chaney to Leave WHIO-TV

The people of  Dayton and Miami Valley welcomed Chaney and his family with open arms. Since then, WHIO-TV viewers have always enjoyed his weather reports and enthusiasm.

But now, the meteorologist has announced his departure from the station. Austin Chaney is leaving WHIO-TV to join its sister station, WSOC-TV, in Charlotte, North Carolina. His last day on the air was February 16, 2023.

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According to Chaney, he had to take advantage of this new opportunity. The decision was not only for his career but also for his wife and family in the long run.

After moving to Charlotte, Austin Chaney was back in his old stomping ground in Dayton for a while. But this confused many viewers as they believed he had returned to Dayton.

Chaney was a fill-in on WHIO on the morning broadcast until May 10, 2023, before moving back to Charlotte. And now, he is back in Charlotte, so you can see him on Channel 9, WSOC-TV.