Elliot Knight (L) and Lucy Hale of the television show "Life Sentence". Credits: Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Actress Lucy Hale has posted several photos on her Instagram account with her costar Elliot Knight. The two seem to be very good friends. On Tuesday, Hale didn’t miss the opportunity to wish Knight a very happy birthday on Instagram. And after looking at their posts, many people are wondering if Lucy Hale is Elliot Knight’s girlfriend. So, are Lucy Hale and Elliot Knight dating? We have all the details for you right here!

Life Sentence actor Elliot Knight celebrated turning 28 on July 10, 2018. Lucy Hale, who is his costar and a close friend, took to Instagram to wish her favorite person a happy birthday.

In the post, Hale wrote that Knight helps her strive to be a better person. She has posted a lot of photos with him, which has led many to wonder if Lucy Hale and Elliot are together.

Is Elliot Knight Lucy Hale’s Boyfriend?

When it was Hale’s birthday, Knight also wished her a happy birthday on Instagram. But much to their fan’s disappointment, reports did not confirm their hopeful romance, and alleged that they are just good friends.

Well, they did make quite a cute couple on the show and raised a lot of eyebrows with their posts. But, neither have actually outright confirmed that they are dating each other.

In fact, it seems that Elliot King does not have a girlfriend at all.

Lucy Hale and Riley Smith’s Relationship

In the past, Hale was dating Life Sentence costar Riley Smith. The couple was spotted sharing an intimate moment on Valentine’s Day. They had dinner together at Pace restaurant in Los Angeles, sparking relationship rumors.

However, it was revealed in recent weeks that Hale and Smith broke up. There were rumors of a breakup after Hale was spotted holding hands with actor Ryan Rottman.

At one point, paparazzi spotted the two holding hands, but neither has confirmed that they are in a relationship. Only time will tell if Lucy Hale and Ryan Rottman are dating each other or are just friends.

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