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Sci-fi and thriller are two genres we can never get enough of. And Netflix is combining the two in one amazing new series, Another Life. Premiering on the platform on July 25, this series follows a fictional space mission that experiences some extraterrestrial horrors. There’s a lot to anticipate in this sci-fi thriller-drama. So we’ve detailed the cast and plot of Another Life to show you what to look forward to in this series. 

Another Life Plot Synopsis

Another Life season 1 consists of 10 episodes of a deep space mission led by an astronaut, Niko Breckinridge. The thrilling ride begins when a mysterious UFO arrives on Earth. This UFO drops onto the planet and forms a crystal shell that is as mysterious as it gets.

Like in any space-themed plot, a mission team is organized to investigate the purpose, function, and origins of the UFO. While the space team looks for the artifact’s home planet, a ground team investigates the UFO.

Niko joins the deep space mission, but is not a very effective leader. She has your typical sordid past. A poor decision on her last space mission cost the lives of several crew members. As a result, she’s not very popular with her new crew.

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The space crew is hit with problems right off the bat. A mutiny to overthrow Niko almost results in the new commander killing everyone on board the spacecraft. Niko later grapples with a horrifying space illness affecting the crew that ends in a violent death for one of the crew members.

The more tragedies they encounter, the more reason for Niko to put an end to this mission quickly. She yearns to go back home, reminiscing about her time on Earth as a wife and mother.

Meanwhile on Earth, Niko’s husband, Erik Wallace, is tasked with establishing communication with whatever is inside that grounded UFO. But things aren’t easy when the usual bureaucracy is looking to blow up the potential threat.

Another problem for Erik is Harper Glass, a new age influencer on the Internet. She’s looking for a breakthrough story, and what can be more breakthrough than UFOs? She’s got more insider access than current real-life influencers, and is not one Erik can easily shake off.

Another Life might remind you of other sci-fi stories like The Arrival and Prometheus. This series stands out in depicting the journey and not the ultimate end of this mission.

What will happen if and when Niko and her crew find the alien planet is not important so much as their journey there? Showing the characters trying to cope with unexplainable experiences in a deep space mission gives viewers something we see don’t often in other space series. As their days in space pass, the crew hops from one problem to the next, some borderline foolish and avoidable.

It also anticipates the kind of content we might expect from our fast-evolving media, as represented by the conspiracy-seeking journalist, Harper.

Another Life Cast and Characters

Katee Sackhoff

Character: Niko Breckinridge

It’s established that Katee Sackhoff knows how to work in space. A decade after she hung up the Lieutenant Starbuck uniform from Battlestar Galactica, it’s exciting to see her back in the space-themed genre.

“After ‘Battlestar Galactica’ it was really daunting for me to go back into this genre,” Sackhoff said about her casting in Another Life. “The fans of that show have been so supportive, and I was a little scared to screw it up,” she shared, adding, “I grew up watching science fiction with my dad. It’s where my first love always was. So I’d been looking for the right thing.”

Selma Blair

Character: Harper Glass

The Cruel Intentions star has been making waves since revealing her multiple sclerosis diagnosis, and she’s one of the characters in Another Life everyone is looking forward to. Though a recurring role, her character Harper proves to be a scene-stealer.

On the surface, Harper doesn’t seem to fit with the overall theme of sci-fi and existentialism. But she’s an embodiment of the future of media influencers, ones who will have all the access but remain on the hunt for a major breakthrough to stay relevant.

Justin Chatwin

Character: Erik Wallace

Justin Chatwin is another top-tier casting choice in Another Life to look forward to. The Shameless star’s biggest acting credit is in the 2005 sci-fi blockbuster War of the Worlds, after all.

This time, Chatwin is not dealing with an alien invasion per se. His character, Erik Wallace, is on Earth while his wife, Niko is in space, both trying to solve the mystery of the UFO that landed on Earth. But it’s not easy when Erik’s extraterrestrial subjects do seemingly nothing but echo whatever music he plays.

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