Into The Dark: Culture Shock premieres on Hulu on July 4, 2019

Hulu’s hit anthology horror series, Into the Dark, returns this Fourth of July holiday with a gripping new feature. Culture Shock, which premieres on Hulu on Independence Day, will have a terrifying take on the immigration crisis. It’s already done the festival circuit and the consensus is that you don’t want to miss even a second of it. To give you a taste of your holiday entertainment, here are the cast and plot details for the show.

Into the Dark: Culture Shock Plot

After a freaky Father’s Day release in June, Into the Dark is back with a theme that fits its Fourth of July premiere date. This feature-length episode, titled Culture Shock, puts a very Jordan Peele-esque spin on the discussion of immigration and the American dream.

Per the official synopsis, Culture Shock “follows a young Mexican woman in pursuit of the American dream, who crosses illegally into the United States only to find herself in an American nightmare.”

Mexican-Canadian filmmaker Gigi Guerrero, who directs the film, drew from her own Mexican heritage to make Culture Shock. The flick’s theme of the U.S.-Mexico border crisis is something she calls “everybody’s horror story.”

This feature shows a young pregnant woman, Marisol, taking great risks to leave her home country of Mexico and illegally enter the U.S. Her hope is to make a better life for herself and her child.

But things rarely go as planned when you’re trying to cross international borders. Just when she thinks she’s dead, Marisol wakes up in a new place.

Instead of grime, dirt, and any remnants of her dangerous trip across the border, Marisol wakes up to find herself all neatly groomed and in a more retro look. She’s even shocked by her sudden fluency in English. Her baby is also fine and in the care of a woman who’s presumably the one who cleaned Marisol while she was unconscious.

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The town she’s in is borderline Utopian, as if the very manifestation of the American dream. Everyone has an identical smile and tries to make her feel at home. But we know that this is a horror movie. So things are surely not what they seem.

Marisol eventually finds out that something sinister is going on behind the scenes of this picture-perfect place. There are gaps in her memory, yet she can identify some of the people from her cross-border trip.

More than anything, Marisol figures she’s a captive in a place that is definitely not America. It doesn’t spoil the show to say that Marisol attempts to save herself and her baby from the made-up American dream she’s trapped in.

Into the Dark: Culture Shock Cast

Martha Higareda

Character: Marisol

An actress, producer, and screenwriter, Martha Higareda (born August 24, 1983) is one of the biggest stars in Mexico. Apart from a large body of credits in her home country, she has a few non-Spanish-speaking credits you might be familiar with.

She’s most recently featured in the Netflix series Altered Carbon as Kristin Ortega and was a judge on The Final Table. She also appeared in Queen of the South.

Higareda now stars in Hulu’s Into the Dark: Culture Shock as Marisol. She’s a Mexican woman attempting to cross the border a second time, but this time she’s also pregnant. She ends up in a Utopian American town that is, in reality, a trap.

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Richard Cabral

Character: Santo

You might best remember Richard Cabral (born August 28, 1984) from ABC’s American Crime, Fox’s Lethal Weapon reboot, and the NBC/TNT series Southland. He also appeared in Bruno Mars’ hit music video “Grenade.”

It’s unclear what the Emmy-nominated actor’s role in Culture Shock is. From the trailer, it appears that he’s part of the same group of people attempting to illegally cross the border into the U.S. with Marisol.

Barbara Crampton

Character: Betty

Barbara Crampton (born December 27, 1958) made her acting debut in the daytime show Days of Our Lives before charming audiences as Leanna Love in her frequent appearances on The Young and the Restless.

Crampton portrays Betty, who couldn’t look more American if she tried. She appears to be Marisol’s benefactor when she wakes up, but is really her captor.

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