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So, how many children does Eminem really have? Many are unaware, but Eminem is actually a father to three girls!

While the angst-ridden and influential hip-hop star, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III in 1972, exposed quite a bit of his life across his many albums and his appearance in the biographical film, 8 Mile, he keeps a lot of information about his personal and home life under wraps.

Many fans have wondered about his “daughters,” or the girls that he has custody of, including Alaina Marie Mathers, that many have speculated is the “Lainey” that’s appeared in some of Eminem’s song lyrics. The truth is that Alaina Marie Mather’s relationship to Eminem is quite complex and her coming to live under the same roof as the rapper has been a strange, somewhat difficult road indeed.

Check out some interesting facts about Alaina Marie Mathers and her relationship to Eminem and let this serve as your Alaina Marie Mathers wiki.


#1 Alaina Marie Mathers’ Age—Born on May 3, 1993, Alaina is now 23 years old.

#2 Alaina isn’t her birth name—At the time Alaina was adopted by Eminem in the mid 2000’s, Alaina Marie Mathers’ registered name was Amanda Marie Scott. Once Eminem adopted Amanda, he changed her name to Alaina, often nicknaming her “Lainey”.

#3 Her mom was a twin—Both Alaina’s biological mother, Dawn Scott and Eminem’s ex-wife, Kimberly Scott are both twin sisters, born on January 9, 1975. They grew up in Michigan under difficult and often impoverished circumstances.

#4 Her mom had problems—Many of the people in Eminem’s life have had issues with chemical dependency, including Eminem himself.

Alaina Marie Mathers’ mother, Dawn had a particularly noted history of drug abuse. She was known to abuse dangerous narcotics like heroin. Part of the reason that Eminem received custody of Alaina was due to her mother’s many problems with the law. This culminated in the January 2016 tragedy, where Dawn Scott was found dead in her Warren, Michigan home, from a heroin overdose. It was not far where she grew up with Eminem and Kim.


#5 She has two “sisters”—Being part of Eminem’s immediate family means she has inherited two sisters, and these girls have been labeled Eminem’s “daughters” by the media. While Eminem unquestionably sees them as such, there’s a slightly more complex story behind this.

The first daughter to be recognized is Hailie Jade Scott Mathers, born in 1995, who is Eminem’s biological daughter with Kimberly Scott. Eminem was married to Scott from 1999 to 2001, and then for a few months in 2006, both ending in divorce.

But then there is also Whitney Scott Mathers, who is Kimberly Scott’s biological daughter that she had from a brief relationship with Eric Hatter.

Technically, Alaina is actually a biological cousin to both Hailie and Whitney, as they both share a mother. However, since Eminem has custody of all three, he raises them together as his daughters.


#6 And there’s a “brother”…—If Eminem’s home life wasn’t complex enough between all the relationships in it, there’s also the “brother” that lives with them, as well. Well, kind of a brother… Actually, he’s Eminem’s half brother, Nathan Kane Samara. Born to Eminem’s mother, Deborah in 1986, Nathan goes by the moniker “Nate Kane” and is also a rapper in his own right. He lives with his older brother and the three girls in the same house.

#7 Eminem Loves to Spoil—Just because he’s a tough and abrasive hip-hop star doesn’t mean he’s like that at home. In fact, Eminem has continually been noted in the media as a devoted family man, committed to raising his three daughters and half brother under the best circumstances possible. One rumor went around that Eminem shelled out a whopping $375,000.00 each for matching necklaces between the three girls.

#8 Alaina Marie Mathers’s Net Worth—No one is really sure what Alaina Mathers’ net worth is. Eminem keeps his family life out of the media’s eye as much as possible, so it’s hard to even estimate. However, Eminem’s own net worth is approximated at $170 million, so we’re sure those kids are sitting pretty.

#9 Alaina Marie Mathers’ Boyfriend—Again, this is something no one is quite sure about. Unlike many famous celebrities’ children, Alaina Mathers’ personal affairs haven’t really made any headlines and only speculation exists as to whether or not she is in any sort of relationship at this time.

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