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Do something different on Friday the 13th! This year, it finally falls in October, the month of Halloween when all the ghosts and ghouls come out of the woodwork! So, why not do something crazy on this exciting night? Get yourself a distinctive tattoo that you will make this Friday the 13th a night to remember! The best part? You can always find good deals on this day! Take advantage of the special $13 Friday the 13th tattoo deals that are going on just for you!

Friday the 13th isn’t just any other day. It’s a day that is considered by many people a “cursed” day and a when bad things happen. This year, Friday the 13th is falling in October, the month of Halloween! Are you scared yet? Plenty of people are and will think twice before heading off to some forlorn cabin by the lake, that’s for sure. Remember Jason? Lots of people love to get Friday the 13th tattoos on their bodies and commemorate this awful day. Though Friday the 13th is associated with bad luck and dark deeds, there are some good deals going on for you to get a tattoo for, as low as $13! It has become a sort of tradition (and certainly a marketing gimmick) for tattoo shops in cities around the country to offer $13 tattoo deals on Friday the 13th. Are you one of those searching for “Friday the 13th tattoos near me?” If so, keep reading because we’ve got all the details you need on where to get $13 Friday the 13th tattoos, right here.

Theories of Origin

Ever wondered how and why this day has gotten such a bad reputation? Here are some popular theories about why Friday the 13th ended up being such a terrifying and spooky day. Some folks believe that Adam and Eve ate the “forbidden fruit” on a Friday. Some believe Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday, while some believe that there were 13 apostles at the Last Supper. 13 is the recurring number. The 1907 book, Friday, the Thirteenth tells the story of how a stock broker chose this fateful day to bring down Wall Street. Don’t worry, just get through this Friday the 13th in October 2017, and you are safe for a few years. The next Friday the 13th isn’t here until 2023!

Tattoo fans wait for Friday the 13th so that they can get tattoos at a discounted rate. Getting tattood is a trend on the rise, but the tattoo shops are always busiest on Friday the 13th. You can get tattoos of ghosts, vampires, or other Halloween themes and bear them proudly as you surprise and shock your family and friends.

We bring for you some details about Friday the 13th tattoos near be for a handful of cities.

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Pittsburg Tattoo Company, Downtown

You can choose from a variety of designs like an alien, cats, bats, a bat wing and pumpkins each for $13 (plus a mandatory tip of $7) The shop’s owner says that small, simple designs draw a big crowd and the last time he ran a Friday the 13th special he had more than 300 customers who got inked.

Brooklyn, New York City

There are several tattoo shops in Brooklyn, including Abuela’s Tattoo Parlor in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Citizen Ink in Sheepshead Bay, which have special Friday the 13th tattoo deals. These specials are varied, but typically a limited selection of tattoos is available for $13 (plus a $7 tip), for a total of $20.

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Seattle, Washington

Rat City Tattoo is hosting its seventh annual Friday the 13th $13 tattoo deal. The selection of tattoos available for $13 on Friday includes a creepy jack-o-lantern, vampire’s teeth, and a ghost raising a certain finger.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

You can get Friday the 13th tattoos for $13, and the total price comes to $20 because a $7 tip is mandatory. All payments have to be made in cash.

Phoenix, Arizona

A food truck and DJ will be made available from noon to midnight at Lady Luck Tattoo, where you can get tattoos $20 ($13, plus a mandatory $7 tip) on Friday the 13th of October.

So, find out which tattoo parlor near you is offering special prices on this Friday the 13th and get your favorite image inked on you forever. Take advantage of the once in a long while opportunity to avail tattoos at a discounted price. Because let’s face it, tattoos aren’t cheap! Have fun and be bad!