It was one of the most spectacular nights for all of us. Watching the finale performances of the top four finalists on The Voice has left us awestruck. We viewers were not prepared for something so grand and beautiful at the same time. It is sure to say this was the best The Voice finale ever! There could not have been a better way than this. In fact, the finale episode of The Voice season 10 was so great that everyone who missed it is out on the Internet searching “Who won The Voice 2016?” Well, the ones who saw the whole thing are certainly glad about it. As we reveal The Voice winner (2016), we’d like you to recall some of the best parts of this season. But, first, we’d like you all to know that the winner of The Voice season 10 is: Alisan Porter from Team Christina!

There’s no doubt that the best part of any The Voice seasons are the songs. The way the contestants perform their pieces makes us realize what this show gives us. The talented singers from across the country get a chance to shine bright in front of the entire world. Thanks to The Voice‘s exposure, the contestants turn from a nobody into a star overnight.

That is why The Voice finale is always something no one misses out. All the finalists sing their best to make it into the hearts of the millions of viewers. And, when The Voice voting lines close, every finalist is happy to see the number of votes he or she gets. As you all already know, the airing date and time of The Voice season 10 finale was scheduled on May 24 at 8:00 p.m. EST on NBC. It was even more exciting to see Monday (May 23) night’s episode, as the performances were spot-on. None of the judges found a flaw. All that we needed to know was: who will win The Voice?

Alisan Porter Wins The Voice 2016!

It is finally a good season for Team Christina. Trashing all of the ongoing The Voice predictions, it looks like it has worked out for the best for none other than Alisan Porter. This is the first season of The Voice when a a female coach’s protege has won the show. And, it has to be Christina Aguilera and singer-actress Alisan Porter who take that crown. The 34-year-old songstress from Worcester, Massachusetts, has stunned us all with the reach of her amazing voice. This also makes pop star Christina Aguilera the first female coach to win The Voice season.  Cheers to Alisan and to Christina Aguilera for winning The Voice season 10.

Take a look at Alisan Porter’s finale performance in The Voice 2016.