She played what she thought was a harmless prank with 11-year-old Tysen Bentz, making him believe she killed herself. The boy reacted to the news by hanging himself. Now, criminal charges have been placed on the 13-year-old girl.

It was a prank that went horribly wrong. A 13-year-old girl decided to fake her own death, and used her friends and social media to make Tysen Benz believe that she died. But this prank took a horribly tragic turn, when the 11-year-old was so distraught from the news, that he hung himself. Who was Tysen Benz’ girlfriend? We will tell you about her and the Tysen Benz social media prank that tragically claimed a young, promising life.

The Prank That Went too Far

Tysen Benz girlfriend’s name is not known, as she is still a minor. The only thing known about her is that she is 13 and was involved with Benz. A friend of the two named Avery Mitchell said that the girl plotted her fake death news because she wanted to see if Benz “really loved her and he took it the wrong way.” Mitchell added, “She didn’t mean to hurt him [because] they loved each other.” Benz’ mother, Katrina Goss was uneasy about the two “dating,” as she felt her son was too young to be getting involved with girls. “I truly don’t know what the point of this prank was. I don’t even know how that’s supposed to be funny, especially if she cared about him at all,” she said.

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A Cruel Prank

Goss says that her son’s 13-year-old girlfriend is “solely responsible” for her son’s suicide. Tysen Benz’s cause of death was a result of him hanging himself in his bedroom on March 14, 2017. He died later in an Ann Arbor, Michigan hospital from his injuries. Goss spoke about the hoax leading to her son’s death saying, “He was the happiest, most joyous child until he met her. She was mean to him, controlled him, and took advantage of him, even after I repeatedly told her to leave him alone.”

Teenage Girl Charged

Marquette County Prosecuting Attorney Matt Wiese said that he “didn’t disagree” with Goss’ allegations and confirmed that the girl had texted Benz about her suicide hours before the boy took his own life. The girl is being charged with malicious use of telecommunication services and the use of a computer to commit a crime. The girl could be sentenced to a juvenile detention center, with a sentence of six months for the first charge and up to a year for the second, as per Michigan state laws.

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Tysen Benz’s Mother Wants Justice

Katrina Goss says that after seeing the fake death posts on social media, Benz himself contacted the girl’s friends indicating suicidal thoughts. She cannot understand how this could have happened to her son, and why none of the other kids thought to tell him it was not real. Goss says that she is “utterly devastated, and we will never get over it.”

The Destructive Power of Social Media

It is not known what will happen to Tysen Benz’s girlfriend, but his tragic death will hopefully shed some light on the destructive power of social media. An ill-intentioned prank turned tragic with a young boy killing himself.