Kelly Reilly at Lombardi House on May 30, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

About Kyle Baugher
Age46 Years
BirthJuly 18, 1977 Southampton, New York
SpouseKelly Reilly (2012 - now)
SiblingsSpencer Baugher
Net Worth$2.0 Millions
AlumniPrinceton University

The success of her current TV drama Yellowstone has made actress Kelly Reilly even more famous. Kelly Reilly’s  husband is financier and investor Kyle Baugher, an American she met in the early 2000s and married in 2012. They have been married for nine years now, dividing their time between the U.S. and Reilly’s home country, England. She is the star in the relationship and Baugher is a quiet man who is a pillar of strength in her life. Baugher avoids the media, though it’s far from easy being married to a glamorous actress who slays men with her looks every day. People are always curious about the Kyle Baugher-Kelly Reilly relationship. Read on for to discover more about this couple!

Kyle Baugher Is Actress Kelly Reilly’s Husband

Kelly Reilly is an English rose. And a very beautiful English rose at that! Ever since Reilly made her acting debut on TV in 1995, people have admired her acting ability, her obvious beauty, her natural grace and style, and that special quality some people have that makes everyone look at them in awe. Reilly has plenty of that.

Many people wonder openly about Kelly Reilly’s personal life and think about the lucky man in it. So who is he? Who is Kelly Reilly married to? Who is Kelly Reilly’s husband, Kyle Baugher?

Here are a few details from Kyle Baugher’s wiki.

The Kyle Baugher-Kelly Reilly Wedding Was a Quiet Affair

Reilly’s hubby was born on July 18, 1977, in Southampton, New York, which makes Kyle Baugher’s age 44 years. He first met Reilly in the early 2000s, and the two started dating in 2010. Love blossomed soon after and the couple decided that they wanted to spend their life together and got engaged.

After careful planning, Reilly and Baugher took a walk down the aisle and were officially husband and wife. The Kyle Baugher-Kelly Reilly wedding took place in Somerset, England, in 2012. It was a small, private ceremony; only people who were very close to the couple were invited.

Kyle Baugher’s Education Is Top-Notch

Kelly Reilly fans are curious to know about Kyle Baugher’s education.

Baugher has a bachelor’s degree in history from Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey, where he studied from 1998 to 2002. While there, he also played the game of lacrosse. In fact, Kyle Baugher’s Princeton lacrosse achievements are very well known. His exploits in the arena were covered regularly in the sports media, with him considered Princeton’s MVP during his tenure as a student there.

Kyle Baugher’s Career Is in the Finance Industry

So what is Kyle Baugher’s job? Baugher is a financier by profession. He is a very shrewd, careful investor, so it’s no wonder that his financial worth is growing by leaps and bounds.

According to some sources, Kyle Baugher’s net worth is approximately $2.0 million as of the end of 2021. He and Reilly have a luxurious home in New York City, where they often stay when not at their other home in England.

Kyle Baugher’s Family Is From New York

Not much is known about Kyle Baugher’s family, as he likes to keep his personal and family life private.

His parents are American; they lived in New York, where Baugher grew up and did most of his schooling. Kyle has a brother named Spencer Baugher, who also studied at Princeton University, before graduating in 1998. He, too, was involved in sports and made quite a name for himself while studying there.

According to Princeton sports lore, both the Baugher brothers have distinguished themselves well enough to be still talked about for years after they completed their education.

Kyle Baugher Shies Away from the Spotlight Deliberately

People often speculate about the Kyle Baugher-Kelly Reilly relationship and wonder what their chemistry is like. To start with, they are poles apart, as Baugher comes from America and Reilly comes from England.

Being in the acting profession, Reilly is always followed by the entertainment media, while Baugher is a financier who has nothing to do with the glamourous industry. While Reilly is comfortable handling the media, Baugher prefers to avoid it and keep a low profile.

As a couple wanting to spend their life together, both Baugher and Reilly stay away from the limelight and invest in quality time with each other. They do not have any children as of now, even though they have been married for almost nine years. Reilly is focusing on her acting career, which is on a high after the success of her TV show, Yellowstone, a drama that debuted in June 2018 on the Paramount Network.

It Has Always Been Love

The Kyle Baugher-Kelly Reilly relationship is the archetypal one between a beautiful woman and a strong, quiet man. She is the glamorous face of the couple while he is the rock in her life. Since the Kyle Baugher-Kelly Reilly wedding more than nine years ago the couple has led a happy, contented life without drama.

People are looking at them and thinking that they are one of the more successful marriages in the entertainment industry. Many fans hope that the love that brought Kyle Baugher and Kelly Reilly together will last a very long time.