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Internet content creator DoKnow is going through a health crisis. His manager, Kali Shashati, broke the news to DoKnow’s Instagram followers. Since then, the TikTok star’s fans have been asking and speculating about what happened to DoKnowsWorld. Details are still obscure, but that hasn’t stopped rumors from circulating. Here’s an update on DoKnow’s health from his manager.

TikTok Star DoKnow Hospitalized

DoKnow became an Internet superstar on TikTok and Instagram, and recently dropped his debut album in 2021. With over 434K Instagram followers and 1.1 million TikTok followers, DoKnow certainly has the attention of his fans.

So when he was inactive for a few days, his fans were concerned. Adding to their worries was a health update posted on DoKnow’s official Instagram page by the influencer’s manager.

Kali Shashati, DoKnow’s manager, has access to the rapper’s social media profiles. On June 29, 2021, Shashati posted on DoKnow’s page a picture of the TikTok star in a hospital bed with tubes and wires attached to him.

The caption reads: “Thank you for everyone reaching out. DoKnow is recovering and will be back in a little while.

Please respect his family during this time by allowing them some privacy. Any bookings during this time will still be honored. Please contact management for any business related questions @kali_shashati HE CANNOT HAVE ANY VISITORS AT THIS TIME- mgmt.”

doknowsworld update

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DoKnow’s team hasn’t revealed the reason for his hospitalization and is requesting privacy during his recovery. However, some Internet users have taken to creating rumors right in the comments section of DoKnow’s Instagram.

One of the major rumors going around claims that DoKnow was hit by a car and injured. Others claim he had a heart attack. They are, however, baseless. The reality is that DoKnow’s condition is unknown and there is a wait before the release of any official statement.

Shashati shut down the rumors in a Stories post on his own Instagram page. Noting that all the comments and rumors are “false,” Shashati said that DoKnow and his team will provide more information when the rapper is feeling better. Currently, their only focus is on DoKnow’s health and recovery.