For 14 years, Christa Delcamp has been the face of Channel 7’s news in Boston. But without much fanfare, she just kind of vanished. Where is Christa Delcamp now? Did she retire? Is she on vacation? We’ll take a look at all of the information that is available and hopefully, we’ll have an answer for you regarding where Delcamp is and where she may be going.

Delcamp and Channel 7

It’s understandable that a lot of people are wondering what happened to Christa Delcamp. She has been a part of the Channel 7 family for a long time, 14 years in fact.

Delcamp came to Channel 7 and was quickly part of the community. It wasn’t unusual to spot her at fundraisers for local charities. From reporting about a boa constrictor caught locally in a hotel, to more international fare like the hurricane clean up in Puerto Rico, Delcamp became a fixture. Which brings up the question, where is Delcamp now?

Onward and Upwards!

After 14 years, it appears that Christa Delcamp’s Channel 7 tenure has come to an end. Details are currently scarce, but it appears that the split comes with little to no hard feelings from either side.

As far as we can tell, Delcamp hasn’t ended her career or retired. Her Twitter is hinting that she won’t be off the air for a long period of time, and that there’s a good chance we’ll see her smiling face again very soon!

Where Is Christa Delcamp Headed?

So, as Delcamp’s gone from Channel 7 News, where is she going to end up next? We’re currently under the impression that she plans to stay in the Boston area as opposed to uprooting her entire family. Staying in Boston, however, limits the options of where she might find work. There aren’t a huge amount of options for where Delcamp could be headed.

According to rumors, she may be headed to WBTS-LD, otherwise known as NBC Boston 10. There are some reports that the official NBC affiliate has had sagging new numbers, and they hope Delcamp may be able to help bring them out of their current slump.

NBC Boston 10 also holds a slightly higher profile compared to Channel 7, as Channel 7 is an independent station and not an affiliate of any network. This means that 10 has more in the way of resources and possible ways to move up the corporate ladder. Delcamp might be looking towards the future and thought it was the way to go. NBC Boston 10 might see Delcamp as a local personality who can boost their talent base and exposure.

Regardless of where she ends up, you will probably hear where Delcamp is going within the next week or two.